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9 Best Loose Leaf Tea Storage Ideas Product Overview

The glazed stoneware finish will fit into the décor of any kitchen and will safely hold your loose leaf tea or any other dry goods. Featuring a unique bamboo lid, this glass storage container has a silicone sealing ring that creates an airtight seal when closed. The bamboo wood lid also gives this product a unique appearance that allows it to fit into any décor in a kitchen or cupboard or shelf.

I used to visit my grandma each summer and organize every space in her tiny kitchen. That same grandma bought me my very first vintage English teacup at a yard sale that started my love of all things tea. I hope these ideas for how to store and organize tea have helped you figure out the best way you can do it in your own kitchen or pantry.

They do an amazing job at keeping my tea leaves safe from damage caused by air, light, and moisture. If you have a lot of different teas in a lot of different pouches and boxes, this can take up a lot of space and make your tea box look messy. You can invest into re-sealable pouches, transfer your tea from the original packaging into the pouches, and arrange them into storage boxes. The accessibility and ease of knowing exactly what I have is key.

Making and drinking a cup of tea is such a soothing ritual. She’s turned a corner of her kitchen into a lovely tea station. Here’s an Ikea-hack tea storage solution from Steffi at Cuchikind that I just love. You can get even more ideas for organizing your pantry and food storage areas here, in the Organize Pantry Challenge.

If you have ever noticed a metallic flavor coming from older tea leaves, that is the result of light damage. Other chemical reactions are still being studied but it is safe to say that keeping tea in the dark is still better for the quality of the tea. You may have heard that storing tea in a freezer or refrigerator is a good idea. For some delicate yellow and green teas, it is a great storage strategy. That’s because heat will actually increase the speed at which tea oxidizes. It’s not necessary to store tea in the fridge in most cases.

If you use clear containers, keep them out of the light by storing it in a cupboard, drawer, or somewhere that won’t be in direct light. Ideally you should store loose tea bags in an airtight container away from direct sunlight. Thankfully, there are nowadays plenty harry potter tea pot of options to suit your décor and budget when it comes to loose leaf tea storage containers, tins, and jars. And for our picks of even more tea accessories, click here. Oxidation is the main thing that can reduce the quality of your tea, loose leaf in particular.

Damp, humid rooms are the death of tea, as the leaves absorb water in the air very quickly. This can result in a weakened flavour and even mold – which is the last thing you want in your tea leaves. Heat is another thing that will RUIN tea if you’re not careful. High temperatures can speed up the oxidation process, resulting in the original taste of the tea being lost.

This is really a good idea for people who don’t drink tea daily, but who want to make sure the leaves don’t age and lose their flavor prematurely. Whenever one of my friends who avoids drinking flavored varieties comes over, I know exactly where to find the perfect type. Regional provenance also plays a role, with further distinctions possible like Japanese or Chinese green tea, and Ceylon, Assam, or Darjeeling black tea. Zipper bags may be a better solution than regular ones, but they, too, are not optimal for keeping the leaves and the flavor fresh.

If you store your products well, they will last a long time. Lovers of the black types will be happy to hear that these sorts can be consumed over a 2-year period. This glamorous tea storage station from Swoon Worthy gets it’s bling from a gold tray and spray painted Ikea Grundtal Gold Rails.

Be really careful when you are storing these teas, as you will be able to taste when it becomes oxidized, and it will be more bitter and acrid. Here are a few of our most important rules when it comes to tea storage. Once you have an idea of how much tea you have to organize, you can decide whether or not you need to go to the store to buy more tea to fill up your organizers. Click here for a set of 10 mason jars with leak-proof lids, and chalkboard labels.