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Advice on buying selling Housing Barcelona City Council

I would like to thank the team for their promptness and help in dealing with damages as well as mediating with insurance companies. It is very important to be prepared for any questions that a potential buyer might ask regarding prices, conditions of sale, etc. If you are unfamiliar with the real estate market and the regulations in Spain, this could be tricky. The agency is responsible for contacts with potential buyers and answers all those questions.

Once you know what your house is worth, set a price based on current market conditions and comparable properties in your area. And if there is something that we would not like you to say, it is that it is impossible to sell your apartment because there is too much competition. If you’re disoriented and don’t know where to start, we’ve got good news.

And you want a real estate agency in Barcelona to advise you in the purchase process. I moved in because it was about time I bought my own house. Whenever repairs needed to be made to the house, they were always there and ready to help, and always very kind. Something that surprised me at the end of the contract was that they returned my deposit in full!

If you need to appraise your flat we will be happy to help you. Of course, the valuation is free, since we would like to win you over as a client, and help you sell your flat in Barcelona. In this post we’ll study how selling a flat in Barcelona works. Please keep in mind that some details might differ if you’re trying to sell in a different area. We accompany you to the notary’s office on the day the deed is to be signed.

Then, our recommendation is to contact us in order to can assess you and guide you along the process. That’s why we are the best luxury real estate agency in Barcelona. An essential part of our service is to advise you in the process of selling your property, by always following a strategic method to find the best commercial channels to market your property. We advise you from beginning to end and offer you all the help you need regarding the procedures related to the sale of the property. An apartment or a penthouse in the city, or a villa in one of the many coastal villages or in the countryside, let us help you find the perfect property to live in or invest in. With our expert knowledge, and thanks to our wide network of owners, builders and other brokers we can present you with the most relevant and unique selection of properties designed to suit just you.

We give you home staging tips so as to enhance your property for the photo report, virtual tour and visits. BCNaddict offers you a unique service helping you from the beginning of your search until the signature and beyond. BCNaddict is dedicated to foreigners who want to invest in Barcelona and its surroundings. We help you in the process of buying and give you the tools to feel at home in Spain. I’m looking at buying a property in Spain in the next 6 months, giving myself time to ensure I have everything in order. I’ve put down a deposit and have signed a contract to purchase a property in Spain, with the completion date being 31st October.

We are American citizens and have credit in the US but we wanted to buy a property in Spain and we were wondering if we can get a mortgage in Spain. Hi we currently own a property in Spain and both have NIE numbers. One of our lawyers should be in contact with you shortly for your questions. One of our lawyers should be in contact with your questions. Hello and thank you for such great information and guides to buying properties in Spain.

We’ve been assured by the estate agents that we should be able to sign mid-October instead of the original guesstimate of 30th September. Today we have our first meeting with the notary to sign the Acta de Transparencia. Is there someone there who may be able to offer some advice on what we can do, if anything, to avoid further problems.

He will be responsible for verifying that the sale is done in accordance with the law. He must request all the necessary documents, explain any irregularities to both parties and certify by signing that the operation has been carried out successfully. In Spain, the contract normally is a penitential deposit contract. This means that if the buying party withdraws from the agreement without justification, they lose the deposit made up to that moment. But if the selling party cancels the deal, they must return double the deposit to the buying party. Although many people find this part uncomfortable, we must remain firm and aligned with our objectives.

If we manage to create a relationship with the interested person, we will be able to understand when is the best time to close the operation and finalize the how to fill out fidelity express money order sale. It explains if there are debts or liens on the flat and who owns the property. In this link you will find a complete article on the Nota Simple.