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All Fishing Rods List For Fishing Genshin Impact

Head over to one of those to get the blueprints for bait. We offer everything from high end PC custom builds and advice to the latest hardware and component reviews, as well as the latest breaking gaming news. He began his journey as a volunteer, writing about games he loved whilst studying at University. Upon graduating, he worked as a freelance writer, talking about esports and gaming for several years before landing in WePC’s gaming section. All Genshin Impact Fishing Bait types and what they attractGenshin has four bait varieties, each suitable for a different fish type. You can craft it after obtaining the bait recipe from any Fishin Association.

Ornamental fish are more difficult to catch and are sent to your Serenitea Pot inventory instead of your ‘materials’ inventory. Unlike the other fishing associations, the Sumeru one isn’t based in the capital city. Instead, you’ll need to get over to Port Ormos, which is South of Sumeru City by the mouth of the river. Talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt, which will lead you on a fairly straightforward journey.

More rods will be added when miHoYo adds more regions. Competing in fishing tournaments will get the regional rods. Therefore, here is a quick look at every fishing rod available in the update. You’ll be able to spot the ornamental fish easily since they often jump out of the water, unlike regular fish. To catch them simply use the same bait you would usually. The only difference is that sometimes you’ll need to reel them in for a little longer, so having the region-specific fishing rods can help with this.

If you go too long without keeping the cursor in the Tension Zone, the fish will escape (though you’ll get an achievement for your first escaped fish!). Ornamental fish are rare versions of regular fish. When approaching a fishing spot if you see a blue pillar of light this means that there are ornamental fish in this location. They cannot be traded since they count as furnishing items. Liyue’s Fishing Association sells just three items. The first is Wishmaker, a fishing rod that will shorten catch time in Liyue and make fishing easier.

You can get a region’s Fishing Rod by exchanging fish with that region’s Fishing Association. Players must hold down the cast button to aim, then release it to cast. Although, this would not be so close that it scares it away. Selecting different bait will attract different kinds of fish, and certain fish only appear in particular areas. There are 20 types of fish, and each fish can appear as an ornamental or normal fish.

A lot of people argue which type of Genshin Impact character is the best. However, all of them know that having a bit of everything is important. And most importantly, having a good DPS is essential. gilded rosewood fishing rod In this guide, we show the best 10 DPS characters in Genshin Impact. Mobile games have become bigger every year, and it is amazing how iPhones can now handle most popular genres nowadays.

If you drop it too far, fish won’t notice, and if it’s too close, they’ll get startled. When a fish finally bites, press Raise Hook to reel it in. Every fishing rod is located at different places and there are separate methods to unlock each one of them. © miHoYoThe Narukawa Ukai is a four star fishing rod you can obtain from the Inazuma Fishing Association.