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Xiaomi Inc. has patented a smart mask which can record wearing time, respiratory rate, and download pollution level data . From these data, the mask can calculate its pollutant absorption quantity and signal to the user when the mask should be replaced; the mask is expected to be commercially available soon. Xiaomi’s current product AirPOP the bang shack net worth mask, targeted at protection against airborne pollution, also has its app-accessible integrated sensor chip clipped onto the mask surface. It is inspiring to take creative design approaches into consideration when evaluating the next-generation protective masks. Yanko Design has gathered many innovative technology ideas along this line.

The tunnels provided them with hiding spots during combat, communication and supply routes, living quarters for many guerrilla fighters and so much more. If the War Remnants Museum gives a sneak-peek into how the Vietnam War escalated, then a trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels is where you experience how excruciating life was during the war. Located 70 kilometers towards the Northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, the tunnels are a long and complicated underground community stretching more than 250 kilometers.

Buy some popcorn and fruit from the nearby venders to eat in Wat Phnom’s gardens but watch out for the monkeys. Although they are cute, the monkeys can be aggressive if your children have food. The only rise in the landscape here is the 27-meter-high hillock that is home to the temple of Wat Phnom. The first religious building on this spot is thought to have been constructed in the 14th century and has been rebuilt several times, with the current main temple sanctuary dating from 1926.

The “tone” suffix was common in the photographic industry at the time of the company’s founding in the 1940s. Smilebit – former Sega development studio named from what they hope to make you do , and the smallest unit of computer information . Shell – Royal Dutch/Shell was established in 1907, when the Royal Dutch Petrol Society Plc.

The use of vinca alkaloids in preparation for splenectomy of corticosteroid refractory chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura patients. Eltrombopag for the treatment of chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. Lower dose rituximab is active in adults patients with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. High risk of severe anaemia after chlorproguanil-dapsone+artesunate antimalarial treatment in patients with G6PD (A-) deficiency.

While Ho Chi Minh city is always full of landmarks to visit and entertainment venues to experience, Cu Chi Tunnels is regarded as a rewarding spot that you will find it difficult to miss when you are in the city. This affirmation is based on the valuable comments and reviews of countless tourists who been there before; it is possible to say that hard-to-describe feelings from the visit always cling to themselves even though it has ended for a long time. The site is depicted as a glorious chapter in the Vietnamese history and proves the fact that the former Vietnamese people were truly creative, smart, and unyielding in the war against the invaders on their land.