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Angel Knife Chain Garter Set

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From there, the relatively simple accessory inspired traditions, trends, and clever solutions to the day’s biggest topics. Black Only Black garters made to your measurements with black and silver derringer toy gun , on front of black satin and lace holster is a leather sheath holding throwing knife with filagree handle, rhinestone and skull icon. Garter straps gives you the look of wearing a garter belt as the clips on the garter strap can hook to belt, hem, undergarments, etc. I removed the elastic from my thigh and set the remaining elastic to the side.

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The robust knife garter featured on the site come with razor-sharp blades that are made of stainless steel and titanium that guarantee precise and easy cutting of items. These multifunctional knife garter variants are also amazing DIY supplies for woodworking, metalworking and plumbing activities. These items are trendy in designs and have appealing aesthetic appearances as well.

I find using the machine is a faster and stronger sewing method than hand sewing, for securing the elastic band overlap. I overlapped the ends by 2 inches and pinned it. I took the piece to my sewing machine and stitched across the top, down a side of the overlap, across the bottom and up the last side, to secure the overlap. Then I sewed an X in the center from overlap points, for more security. I zig zagged stitched over the raw edges of the overlapped pieces.

I intend on wearing the two garters as photographed. The garter has an attached gold and is a 758 credit score good silver pirate dagger. You will now be the first to hear about Hot Topic sales and news.

Add this pirate costume accessory by Forum Novelties to your wench’s outfit for a sexy look! This sexy leg garter with dagger will be the perfect finishing touch to your women’s pirate costume and will make you look fierce for your next fancy dress party. While Alex was on Spring break, I wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be, but I did get a couple items finish for my League of Space Pirates , character Chroma’s costumes. I wear a garter while performing, to keep small prop weapons like a knife and gun tucked away. I use them for a fight scene during a song, so it’s useful to have them strapped to me. However, standard garters are too lacy and won’t hold multiple props in them.

The center section of my garter is the widest, so I stuck the gun there. The left is the middle sized one, which fit the knife nicely. I tested the right one to fit two bullets before I decided to split that section to snugly secure the bullets. Garters began as, like most fashion accessories, a practical solution. Hose didn’t have elastic to keep them in place—elastic didn’t even exist—but a garter could be fastened around the leg to keep stockings from slipping. Of course, when elastic did come around, garters became less necessary and more of a style choice that both men and women made.