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Archero Weapons Guide: Best Weapons and Equipment in the Game

Upgrading it to Epic enables you to freeze enemies that hit you and also deals thorn damage. Thorn damage means when an enemy gives you damage, that same enemy will take the same damage. Since the Brave Bow is an all-around weapon, you can use the best skills with it like Multishot, Ricochet, and additional arrows to maximize its effectiveness. Once you have an Epic Brave Bow, you can start focusing on skills that increase your critical damage chances like the Crit Master.

Locket and bracelet scrolls are quite rare though, so don’t expect to level them quickly. Even so, these initial damage boosts are negligible compared to the flat boosts gained at rare and above. This makes the serpent ring the best option, with a potentially game-changing i spy jewelry reviews 7% dodge. You can also wear two of the same ring for a 14% dodge chance, which could be the difference between life and death in hectic moments. As mentioned above, all weapons are viable, and the best choice for you will depend on your playstyle.

This will manually reset your progress, putting you back to where you first began with no unlocks. For free-to-play heroes, the unlock process is slightly different. Instead, you unlock them by collecting shards, which you gain by competing in the special event Desert Ghost on the main menu.

They also each have different additional stats and abilities for each one. As mentioned previously, it is ideal to use the one with the highest rarity and continue leveling up that one until you find a better one. Brave Bow stats for Common and Great are similar but only differ in attack damage.

Death ScytheDeath Scythe is a weapon that literally throws a scythe and attacks. It features high damage, an incredibly useful Epic ability, and a knock-back. For me the stalkerstaff was the worst, the peojectiles move like turtles and it take ages to get to the target, also after saw blade u have a feeling it will never fly off… Esp3cially when u have to do a lot of dodging, his item is almoat useless.