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Solar and conventional alternatives are being considered for providing energy to a far-off site. The data pertaining to these alternatives is given below. Use the incremental B/C method to determine which should be selected at a discount rate of 1% per month over a 5-year study period. Ltd. is yotpo 230m bessemer venture partners global considering replacing a heavy-duty crane, which was purchased 2 years ago for `5,00,00,000, with a new one. The existing crane is valued at present at `10,00,000. The challenger can be purchased at a cost of `6,00,00,000, has an expected life of 10 years and has a salvage value of `10,00,000.

Calculate depreciation cost during the third year, cumulative depreciation cost through the third year and book value at the end of third year. A replacement welding machine costing `6,25,000 has an estimated `50,000 salvage value after its 5-year life and an A.O.C. of `1,55,000 per year. At an interest rate of 15% per year, determine how many years the company should retain the present welding machine. A large telecom service provider has offered, to one of its major industrial customers two alternative group GSM service plans P and Q.

There should be no change in the price of related goods. There should be no change in the income of the consumer. There should be no change in the taste and preference of the consumer. The consumer does not expect any change in the price of the commodity in the near future.

At that time, it said it would restructure and prioritize sales to businesses. Currently, the Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner has been investigating on the Instagram’s handling of children’s personal data on its platform. Anyone who is at least 13 years old can open an Instagram account, but Irish regulators are probing on whether Facebook as Instagram’s parent company, can legally process personal data of minors. To boost developer productivity, enriched SYCL support and robust code migration and analysis tools make it easier to develop code for multiarchitecture systems. How many units per week should the dealer order?

The discount rate is 6% per year and a project life of 50 years is expected. Alpha Chemicals has procured a blending unit for `5,00,000. Its salvage value at the end of its useful life is almost negligible and can be taken as zero.

The interest formulae for these cases are given below. Or property in business project or venture in the hope of receiving a profit. Debt Capital It is often called borrowed capital and is obtained from lenders for investment. 4 Interest Formulae and their Applications 4.1 INTRODUCTION It has been recognized that the value of money is different at different time periods and this concept is referred to as time value of money.

For example, the uniform cash flow occurs only once in a year at the end of each year but the compounding of interest takes place quarterly i.e. 4 times in a year. The equivalent future worth can be calculated by using Equation (4.20). Example 4.38 There exists a series of 5 end-of-year receipts of ` 5,000 each.