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Average softball pitching speeds by age

However, even back then, I’m not sure my speed was what really made me effective. The OP linked a story about the perfect game pitched by the UNT pitcher in a D-1 NCAA women’s softball game. Thus, I assume that your response about “good softball pitchers” was in reference to women softball pitchers. Most women’s college softball pitchers will throw in the 60-65mph range, with the good pitchers averaging 65 mph. Only a handfull of elite college softball pitchers reach 70 mph.

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A good changeup for a high school pitcher is a -10 to -15 mph drop, so anywhere from mph is usual. What softball measurables do college coaches look for at each position? This section breaks down softball recruiting guidelines by division level to give recruits and their families a better understanding of what will be expected of them at each position. So why don’t baseball pitchers just throw fast-pitch-softball style if it’s so effective? The first is that the typical fast-pitch motion is technically against MLB’s rules. A couple of years ago, the Kansas City Royals considered signing a hotshot Canadian softball pitcher before realizing that his style was illegal.

Hip and shoulder separation is basically hip and pelvis rotation taking place through a stable trunk (lumbar spine; lower part of the back) and a mobile t-spine. Baseball has three main pitch categories that include fastballs, breaking balls and changeups. Among the fastballs they have a four-seam, cutter, splitter and forkball. Three pitches In the fastball category alone are not common in softball. To compete at the D1 level, midfielders need to demonstrate athleticism, strong footwork and versatility when it comes to throwing the ball from different positions on the field.

Softball recruiting guidelines enable prospects to compare their skill with athletes competing at the college level. Every season I watch as many NCAA softball games as I can. As the years have gone by it is becoming clearer that throwing 70MPH and up isn’t really all that special anymore . The greatest change since I was on the field is not the increase pitching speeds, it is the hitting abilities. Batters are now accustomed to hitting high speeds with ease.

Also, if anyone watched the Sunday game of South Carolina and Tennessee you would have noticed much lower pitching speeds than typical for SEC teams. bucket 12 inch softballs I was shocked how many pitches by both teams were in the high 50’s. Kelsey Oh and Gabby Sprang both were averaging around 58 mph the first inning.

One is hitting her spots, but the team’s opponents are crushing her in game after game. The same is true at travel ball, high school, or even rec league tryouts. Coaches are generally going to pick the girl who throws the fastest with less accuracy over the one who is spot-on but has mediocre speed at best. As long as you can throw movement pitches to the spots coaches call you’ll be fine. The softball diamond is closely related to the baseball diamond, which is one of the oldest and most complex pieces of geometric symmetry in all of sports.

You hear stories of year olds throwing 60 and wonder what you are doing wrong. I am positive there are a few freaks out there that can do it but not as many as the internet claims. I also say “freaks” in a very good way and wish my DD was a freak but she is not, however, she is above the curve on these charts which is all we strive for. Good hitters have the reflexes to hit 52/53 if there isn’t much movement.

As the game’s rules were liberalized, the names for the pitches eventually changed. But if you’d like to know what the game was like around 1900, Olympic softball is probably a better analogue than the current iteration of Major League Baseball. In the 1905 World Series, New York Giants legend Christy Mathewson tossed three shutouts, allowing only 14 hits in 27 innings. That’s roughly what Finch, Fernandez, and Osterman did these two weeks … except they didn’t allow as many hits. Fast pitch softball started to lose popularity in the mid-50s for a variety of reasons. More and more families were getting television in their homes and so games drew smaller crowds.

They have a girl that was throwing a consistent mph and another that is throwing mph. When you get to big tournaments like PGF Nationals it will be pretty common to see 50 mph pitchers at the 10u level. In the 2000 Olympics, the gold-medal-winning U.S. softball team allowed only seven runs and 24 hits in 10 games.