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Both Hindu and Muslim officials give the couples trouble, he says. “This particular marriage officer is making it difficult for them,” Iqbal explains in a whisper, as he waits for Shameem to come out of a Delhi police station. “There is a fear prevalent in authorities. They too are becoming more cautious.” NPR accompanied them in March to a court appearance and police meeting, where officials scrutinized their marriage paperwork over and over again. Meanwhile, Sagar and Shameem spent the first half of 2021 in that secret safe house in Delhi, mired in marriage paperwork. When Sharma complained to them, Mahasabha members say they used their influence, and forced the police to act.

“As on this date our industry does not have a valid environmental clearance substantiating the produced quantity, issued by the competent authority, for continuing operations,” the company said. In an affidavit filed by LG Polymers in May 2019, as part of its application to expand the plastic plant’s operations, the South Korean multinational admitted it was operating its polystyrene plant without the mandatory environmental clearance from the Indian government. The Mahasabha is an Indian political party founded at the start of the 20th century, during British colonial rule, but it has evolved into a Hindu supremacist organization.

The campaign, conceptualised and executed by BBH India, captures the unique and vibrant racing culture in India – from running small toy cars around the house to racing tyres with a stick, from paper boats in the monsoons to the Vallam Kali boat races in Kerala. Bringing all those childhood memories and the nation’s love for racing to the fore, the campaign highlights how Team Mahindra has the prestigious task of representing India at the Formula E World Championship. In its affidavit filed May 2019, LG Polymers informed central and state government it had not fulfilled its legally binding environmental requirement.

The petition was heard on Friday by the National Green Tribunal, India’s top environmental court. In the early hours of Thursday, toxic styrene fumes began leaking from the LG plant in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh state, as preparations were underway to restart production after pipcorn valuation a nationwide lockdown. The gas enveloped residents as they slept, causing people to collapse in the streets as they fled their homes. About 1,000 people were exposed to the gas, which causes neurological symptoms including headaches and nausea, as well as burning eyes.

This week, a screenshot surfaced of Love’s alleged sex tape leaker defending the footage release. “The term ‘love jihad’ is very dangerous, because once you get labeled like that, everyone starts looking at you with hatred. People think that you’ve wronged a woman from their community, so they want to punish you,” Shameem says. At the neighborhood police station, officers tell NPR that all the inspectors involved in thwarting that particular wedding have since been transferred. No one was willing to speak on the record about what had happened that day, or share evidence about why the marriage was stopped.

Commenting on the launch of the brand campaign, Parul Mittal, Director, Greenlam Industries, said – “At Greenlam, we are constantly improving our product portfolio to offer the best surfacing solutions while being committed to people and the planet. We monitor our resources in real-time, which has helped us substantially reduce our waste production. We also conduct Greenlam plantation drives from time to time spreading the message of promoting a sustainable environment and protecting our mother earth.

The curvy model has returned to Instagram filled with a smile following a jaw-dropping sex tape leak. But more than half a dozen of India’s 29 states have introduced laws banning the use of marriage to push someone into converting. Sagar, 22, is from India’s Hindu majority, and her 26-year-old fiancé Mohammed Shameem is Muslim. They’re among hundreds or possibly thousands of interfaith couples who’ve crossed state lines in recent months to try to marry far from home, according to activists helping them. The folks at The Shade Room claim to have tracked down the man who leaked the tape, who is on Instagram under the name _bamb1no. A screenshot of a conversation between him and a defender of Love, shared by Shade Room, seems to suggest that Kam Bam has no remorse in posting the invasive footage of Love, who is reportedly 19 years old.

Officers arrived at the bride’s house hours before the wedding and halted the preparations. “We need to keep the Muslim population in check. Otherwise they reproduce and it puts a strain on India’s health and education systems,” the Mahasabha’s local leader, Pankaj Tiwari, says in his office lined with posters of Hindu idols. “That’s why we’re working to stop interfaith marriages and conversions.” “They refused to do anything! They said, ‘The bride and groom are adults. If their families are OK with the marriage, why are you objecting?'” Sharma recalls. “I told them I just want to make sure the law is followed. It’s for the welfare of my community.” Still, he thought he should attend the wedding, out of courtesy to the bride’s parents.

Growing up, India experienced a lot of harassment and hatred from other people. After she opened her social media account, the harassment continued, this time from an anonymous source. In 2018, India started her career in the music industry with her first single “Talk Yo Sh! “I just want to highlight self-love in itself, because I think it is a very important aspect of my life, I want to understand it and I hope I learned it when I was young,” she told Paper Magazine. The three films released so far show Bansal lending a patient ear to Johar and his hare-brained ideas. We spot celebs in ads all the time, but how often do we see CEOs in them?

On Thursday, as well as the LG Polymers leak, there were industrial accidents at two other factories, one in Chhattisgarh and another in Tamil Nadu, that hospitalised several workers. In April, six people, including two toddlers, died when the waste pond burst at a factory in Madhya Pradesh’s Singrauli region, which was allegedly operating in violation of environmental laws, releasing a flood of ash slurry. The erosion of environmental safeguards and legislation has been evident since the prime minister, Narendra Modi, came to power in 2014. Green laws have been eased in favour of reduced industrial scrutiny and factories are now allowed to apply for retrospective environmental clearance.