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Bad Girls Club season 9 Wikipedia

She talked alot but girl had hands lowkey lmao. I’m also glad the other girls realized how draining her “judgy and im better than everyone, let’s stay away attitude” was. This recently single bad girl knows how to work a room, enchant new guys, and handle her haters. In part one of the reunion, the Season 9 girls reunite in sunny LA to hash out the drama that unfolded during the season but spitfire Andrea is particularly thirsty for revenge. Andrea voluntarily left the house in episode 11 after a physical altercation with Julie, Falen and Rima. Mehgan voluntarily left the house in episode 8 after physically attacking Rima and Falen.

Old wounds are opened when the girls are shocked to find… Andrea makes a failed attempt at winning the other girls… The can you play vanguard zombies split screen girls jet off to sunny La Paz for a vacation with new… Rima endures three days of Erica’s fury while Julie, Mehgan,…

She in my opinion had the most honor and to me makes her a true bad girl. She isn’t perfect bc of her ass stubborn and fiesty but I prefer that than fake and all talk behind a screen. She was just sadly dumb enough to fall for Julie’s shit. I lost respect seeing her torture Rima but when she really owned up and apologized my love for her came back. Meghan- never ever liked her till the end.

I am currently re-watching every season of the bgc, it has changed so much since S1. The girls are younger, lack of security and basically anything goes now. It’s a big money maker obviously and the world wants to see some action so that’s what production gives. The fact that all the girls who had gotten kicked off or left the show were invited back for a photo shoot. Production knew exactly what was going to happen. The girls were salty, mad and probably jealous they got kicked off and wanted revenge.

She made her amends so I can’t hold her but it still doesn’t sit right with me. I also liked that she beat Julie ass but like I said she had that shit coming. Honestly I was glad when she left bc then rima caught some quiet.

Julie- i thought she was a bitch , which she is lol but I will admit she is a smart bitch with balls. Can’t fight but she played the game and got her ass handed to her at the reunion which I say is punishment enough lol. All in all I respect her and her growth.