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Balenos Fishing Rod & AFK Fishing Black Desert Online

This is a caddy that I’ve made for myself to store my fishing … The best advice I can give to a beginner is to start at the beginning. Peridot Fruit can be sold for 100,000 Silver to NPC vendors.

This build is only common on Shai, or in certain situations, such as a Berserker who wants to be a grab bot. There are different variations of this build, with different goals, but this one is the more consistent version that utilizes both Evasion and Damage Reduction. If you want to go FULL evasion then you would simply swap the Cadry Rings for Hesus Rings. This build is an example of what gear an evasion player will go for.

Using the Discard option, will still keep the “junk” loot that can be Exchanged for goodies. You will also keep all of the green grade rare items like Ancient Relic Crystal Shards. I believe it takes off 1 sec. 1 sec for kaspersky warns fake are spreading 7 hours is still a lot. You might not find one in the auction house but you can make 1 from a +3 failstacking. The aim of the full DP build is to completely disregard all your damage with the goal of becoming very tanky.

I have 25% from rod and another 25% from tier 3 otter and my time is 90 seconds. You can take out more than one pet with the Fishing Buff, but only the highest buff will be used. Apprentice and Skilled Fisher’s Uniforms are obtained via quests. One thing to keep in mind is that the water tables are shared across all channels. This means even if your channel is empty, your favorite fishing spot might be Exhausted. In order to alleviate the difference among Life Skill levels, the required EXP and obtained EXP have been readjusted for Hunting, Training, Farming, and Sailing.

Players will reach high AP and then start swapping accessories such as TET Distortion Earrings/Tungrad Earrings, for Dawn Earrings since they are high in accuracy. After reaching high accuracy and high AP, crystals can be swapped for human damage. Use our 58 – 59 leveling guide and 59 – 60 guide to help you.Speak to your Black Spirit to get the quest To Greater Heights! Complete the quest to obtain “Fughar’s Precious Necklace”. Take the next quest from the Black Spirit, but don’t complete it just yet.