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Barber Shop in Norman

He was his own first customer but, unlike most kids, his first haircut turned out pretty sharp. He cut his older brother’s hair next, and then several other family members. By the time he was 19, Dennie had enrolled in barber school and was studying business at the University of Indiana.

Free hair cut Saturday the 16 of November 2019 until 10 am if you mention this ad. And while every customer – new, returning or regular – that sits down with Edwards gets the “Midway experience,” weekly customers form the shop’s heart, soul and bottom line. “What do you want to call this haircut, the no. 1?” Johnson jokingly asked. Others such as Clint Johnson like being able to walk in without making an appointment and get an $11 haircut. Over the years, he’s cut a lot of kids’ hair, and said patience is the key.

The event lasted all day and served more than 50 kids. Back-to-school backpacks were distributed, as well as school supplies. Top Rated Local® is built upon 5 pillars of the customer experience and is created to empower both businesses and consumers. Capturing the overall customer experience is unlike anything on the market. Sign up to be the first to know about barbershop updates, specials, cancellations, and more.

I had hoped to be able to keep both shops running, but I decided to move to St. Paul in 2014 to start a new life. I opened my second barbershop here, and eventually closed the one in Gary. You can now promote your barbershopto show it to potential new customers in Chapel Hill. Serving the community “is in Step’s blood,” said Lovelia Edwards, matriarch of Midway. Step’s mother was a beautician who sold her car and walked to work so her husband could buy the Midway lot. Barber shop talk bounces from the Midway barbers to walk-ins, regulars and newbies lined beneath a wall-length mirror opposite customers cloaked in black robes getting trimmed.

Chapel Hill, of course, isn’t the same city as when Midway opened. The town’s population hovered below 10,000, less than the number of graduate students currently enrolled at UNC. When Stepney “Step” Edwards started sweeping hair for his father at Midway Barber Shop, Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower was the president of the United States. “I like the connection I have with customers,” Bob Jeffrey said. He said cutting children’s hair is one of his favorite parts of the job.

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He usually pretends to cut the mom’s hair to help put the child at ease. “You can’t give the same haircut to everyone or you’ll be in trouble,” cyabags Bob Jeffrey said. “You’ve got to be able to give a high and tight, a fade or to a person that doesn’t want it to look like they got a haircut.”

While Midway is the oldest African-American barber shop in Chapel Hill, there’s a lookalike in most towns. Edwards’ barber shop is part of a national culture – one that pairs haircuts with relationships formed between family and friends at a casual meeting point. There’s not another Midway, but “black barber shop” culture extends and thrives beyond Chapel Hill, a rejection of chain cosmeticians like Sport Clips. The late Stephen Edwards cut Farrington’s hair until he sold Midway to his son, who practiced barbering on Farrington and their friends over the years.