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Baseball Pitching Grips

Roger Craig is credited with inventing the pitch. Bruce Sutter, David Cone, and Rich Harden used the splitter effectively during their careers. Pedro Martinez of the Philadelphia Phillies has a killer circle-change up. Although it is illegal, foreign substances, such as saliva or pine tar, can be added to the ball to increase velocity or spin. I’ve been playing for most of my life and have played for several AAA teams.

If you throw in the mid-seventies, the movement profile doesn’t matter as much as throwing harder. When discussing four-seam fastball variations, it’s essential to understand that each inch of movement matters. So while there is less variation in four-seam fastballs, we can still find seven distinct variations.

The 4-Seam Grip is the best ball grip for throwing a baseball straight. It is called the 4-seam grip because when the ball is thrown you see four different seams rotating . The cutter is not the same as a two-seam fastball. If you throw lsat score preview this pitch to hitters using wooden bats, you may notice several broken bats because of the late break of the ball. If you are throwing against aluminum bats you will notice that the pitch often avoids the “sweet spot” of the bat.

Rotate the ball in your hand until you locate the horseshoe or C-shape seam. The opening of this C-shape should be opening towards your body. Set younger kids up a little wider and farther apart so they have space for wild throws. Have them tuck their pinky under the ball and hook three fingers on top.

Your index and middle fingers should be placed on the outside of the horseshoe seam. When throwing this pitch, throw the palm-side wrist of the throwing-hand directly at the target while keeping your index and middle fingers extended upward. A slider is gripped like a two-seam fastball, but held slightly off-center. To grip the knuckleball, position the ball in the same way as you would in the two-seam fastball or the splitter.

Have any pointers on delivering a killer fastball? To grip a two-seam fastball, place the index and middle fingers directly on top of the narrow seams as shown in the picture above. Place your thumb directly underneath the baseball. Your thumb tip should touch the smooth leather, not the seam. To work on getting the proper grip on the ball, players should start with the ball on the ground. Reach down and grab the ball, quickly rotating it to find the proper four-seam grip.