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When continuous delivery is implemented properly, developers will always have a deployment-ready build artifact that has passed through a standardized test process. Stackify’s website andblogattract more than 1,000,000 monthly visits. We aim to provide high-quality content that is valuable to the developer community. We’re always looking for contributors to share relevant information to our users. If you have technical writing skills and knowledge of the software development industry, we’d love to hear from you. Infrastructure as code is a practice in which infrastructure is provisioned and managed using code and software development techniques, such as version control and continuous integration.

The key goals of continuous integration are to find and address bugs quicker, improve software quality, and reduce the time it takes to validate and release new software updates. Ensure the quality of application updates and infrastructure changes so you can reliably deliver at a more rapid pace while maintaining a positive experience for end users. Use practices like continuous integration and continuous delivery to test that each change is functional and safe. Monitoring and logging practices help you stay informed of performance in real-time. If you want to share technical content related to the software testing industry, then we definitely need you.

We offer a no-risk trial period for all developers added to your team. Please submit your contact information below and one of our team will be in touch to discuss with you. At the end of the article ask readers to share their opinion on the topic. Make sure it’s always high quality and the right format to share. Based on the content, the editorial process may take a few days to complete. We will keep you updated, ask questions, and may ask you to re-write a few sections, as required.

Make sure whatever you send has some takeaway for the readers. One of the main aims of Linux Handbook is to share the knowledge and experience we have gathered for years with a global community and help them learn with our experience. IoTbyHVM is an attempt to help the people by sharing the knowledge and ideas about Internet of things and other technology related articles and videos.

6) We accept only 100% unique content that has not been published yet anywhere. Any interesting technical article related to Linux, Open Source, DevOps, Agile etc. To be curated to our website, your content must be 100% original and should not bear resemblance with any related content published elsewhere. Send your article only in .doc or .docx file format with relevant image/s (royalty-free) only in .jpg or .png file format. The content should be well written, well structured , grammatically correct and unpublished. Once your article is reviewed and accepted, you’ll be sent your payment and your piece will be published on our website.

IT Chronicles seeks contributors who offer valuable content about topics like Smart Cities, Fintech, IoT, DevOps, Agile, Big Data, IoT, and more. We look for content that helps our IT-focused readers better understand, apply, and benefit from today’s technology. DevOps Engineer works with developers and the IT staff to oversee the code releases. If your article is published, you will be asked to include a short author bio where you can showcase your blog or company website. Once the review process is complete and gets editorial nod to publish, your article gets into the publishing queue.


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Because we have such a large community of writers, we have to be strategic about what content we take and what content we can’t. We have five steps in place to make sure your content makes it onto our blog. Check out the other blogs in the series to understand DevOps and its various tools/ stages.

There is a lot of misconception regarding – Who is a DevOps Engineer? Is he the guy who writes code and is also responsible for the work of a System Engineer? In this post, I will clear all your doubts regarding the roles and responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer. In this FREE ebook, know common tech hiring mistakes, tips to hire your ideal programmer, as well as useful insights from industry leaders. Always use images / and videos every 250 words and make short paragraphs.

We would be happy to have like- minded, passionate people, who think technology the way we do. We welcome people on board who have a flair for writing and are also keen on contributing in the technology space, well versed with technology focused topics. Our blog audience consists of people who are well versed in different technology domains and are tech evangelists, enthusiasts, developers, program / project managers, decision makers, etc. Organizations monitor metrics and logs to see how application and infrastructure performance impacts the experience of their product’s end user. Active monitoring becomes increasingly important as services must be available 24/7 and as application and infrastructure update frequency increases.

Include at least 2 high domain authority external links. It will give you a better understanding of the type of content, tone, and format that we want to publish. Well, DevOps Engineer is one of the most highly paid job roles in the world. Obviously, salary depends on multiple factors like – company, skills, geography etc. Good hands-on knowledge of Configuration Management and Deployment tools like – Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Terraform etc. Saurabh is a technology enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka.