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Beer in Puerto Rico 4 Microbreweries 4 Local Beers

The balance of aromas and hop flavors deliver the best after effect. The drink is light, refreshing and does not feel heavy after a couple of sips. St. Vincent Brewery, Ltd. brews Hairoun beer, an alternative name for the island. Hairoun is a golden lager brewed with barley, hops, and spring water.

This partially explains why, according to wholesaler Joey Maldonado, local brew only comprises 1.2 percent of Puerto Rico’s beer market, which Cruz says translates to $17 million in annual economic impact. This contribution is in stark contrast to mainland states. Even Wyoming, which reaps less from its craft brewing industry than any other state, posted a $192.6 million direct contribution last year. The Baraka Coffee Stout and the Driftwood Brown have coffee aromas in them, but you’ll also find fruit-infused beers like the Ocean Blue, and Ocean Mambo.

The bar features a light menu with innovative bar food and a large outdoor patio with several televisions, making it a great spot for game day. You can take a tour of the brewery to experience firsthand how these ales come to be. If you’re looking for non-alcoholic refreshment, you’ll find endless options with the islands’s popular limbers. Somewhere between a popsicle and a drink, a limber is a tropical juice drink frozen in a cup. There’s no popsicle stick here, so it’s consumed by squeezing the cup to push up the frozen juice. The flavor variations are endless, including coconut, piña colada, tamarind, guava, orange, and many more.

Get the latest in beer, wine, and cocktail culture sent straight to your inbox. It is not that there is anything inherently special or different about Medalla, it’s the feeling of home and pride that comes with drinking the beer. The cans are the color of a gold medallion, and they, like Sastre, are sweating.

Visitors can enjoy their artisanal beers in their tap room or an outdoor sitting area along with mouth-watering Asian-inspired dishes by Envuelto Callejón. You can find a large selection of seasonal beers in 6 or 25-ounce growlers at their Boqueron location. Boqueron Brewing Co. is also one of the Puerto Rico microbreweries that distribute its products in cans throughout the entire island. Considered the first klein davis mann nano brewery in Puerto Rico, Boqueron Brewing Co. is a family-owned business that takes the Caribbean and Puerto Rico’s landmarks as an inspiration to create its beers. Their space is limited inside the market, but they offer a great lively atmosphere during the weekends. Since you’re close to the main plaza, you’ll also have access to the town’s festivals, with music, local artisans, and food trucks.

They stand out for their experimental ales, which have fruity and barrel-aged tasting notes. If you thought rum was the only craft beverage on the Island, think again! Beyond the more prominent brands like Medalla Light, you’ll find that Puerto Rico is filled with specialty shops, local beer gardens, and microbreweries, each with its own charm and unique flavors.

Located in Quebradillas, Cold Blood Brewery offers 14 tap beers, including in-house brews and a great selection from other local breweries. This develops a dark tan half finger head that vanishes after some time. The sweet scent with roasted malt notes, vanilla and milk chocolate is refreshing. Vanilla and malt flavors complement the toasted bread taste.

As craft breweries emerged from the literal muck to present post-storm beers, bar owners have shown gratitude and loyalty. Diaz Vazquez says patrons of one bar cheered when he delivered the first keg of his flagship, Kasiri IPA, in early 2019. While we don’t know exactly who to thank for creating this tropical cocktail, you can still enjoy it in its many varieties all over the island! In the classic version, pineapple juice is strained and mixed with coconut water or cream, crushed ice, and a local rum like Don Q . It’s usually finished with a bit of whipped cream, a slice of pineapple, and a classic maraschino cherry on top. If you want to skip the rum, you can still enjoy all the fruity sweetness of the drink with a non-alcoholic version.