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At first I had no idea what I was doing and just wrote about things I found interesting. Soon I started adding group fitness classes to my own fitness goals. And realized there was SO much I wanted to know more about. The more classes I tried the more weight loss goals I hit. Things were finally clicking for me.

I want my boys to look back and be just as inspired as their active mom and as their active dad. When we were got new news about my oldest son who was diagnosed with Rapp Hodgkin Syndrome, a genetic syndrome, our lives were again not our own to lead. We spent most of our time learning more about this new phase in his life. At this point we ended up in a string of surgeries which lead us to have a great interaction with the local hockey team at our area children’s hospital.

This Sheet Pan Apple and Brie Stuffed Chicken is elegant enough for a special occasion, but easy enough to whip up for a no-fuss weeknight meal. Last week I was hard at work making summer travel plans. My summer vacation kick off starts tomorrow as BC and I head to the Finger Lakes in New York and the Corning Glass Fest. My last big adventure is for the end of summer- almost 2 weeks in Japan! This site runninginaskirt.com was registered on June 24, 2012. It will expire on the date of June 24, 2015.

I tell most of them flat-out I’ve been ALL of your sizes and if I can do it with sweat and tears so can you! For me stress management has been a big part of my fitness journey. I’m a stress eater and I still am learning that eating isn’t a great coping mechanism.

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I’m a mama and bonus mama to four boys, a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, RRCA certified running coach, spinning instructor and an ex-pat Aussie. After living in NYC for 15 years, I moved to Vermont in 2015. I share my expertise in running, strength training, and healthy living to help you reach your personal best. If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you want to improve your overall health. And if that’s the case, you’re in luck!