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Check their comment history and holy fuck… This person has, so far as I can tell, done virtually nothing but post about Kyle Rittenhouse for a year straight, sometimes for hours a day, days at a time. A lot of pro-BLM coverage is coming from the same montebello mall news wellspring as the anti-Rittenhouse coverage. Several of the “outrageous” police shootings driving the protest movement have had an equally large, equally public mountain of exculpatory evidence that many in the media simply refuse to acknowledge.

This is why I suspect that Rosenbaum is more likely than not to be convicted for killing Rosenbaum. For Rittenhouse not to be guilty, he would have to convince the court of these three separate things. This makes it an uphill battle for him, so I would say that the advantage is with the prosecution. So, according to the law, I dare say that Rittenhouse has a decent chance of being acquitted of killing Huber. Keep in mind, I don’t know all the facts of the case, so I could be wrong about this. A person who commits unlawful conduct does not have the self-defense right against people trying to stop them from this act.

I’m surprised RATM sees it differently and it feels like they are selling out to the “woke” side. There was a lot of misinformation regarding the situation. People claiming he brought a gun hundreds of miles across state lines to shoot peaceful black protestors, which is all 100% wrong but people invested themselves in hating him. When the trial happened and blew the factual basis for their hatred out of the water, it’s human nature to resist admitting you were wrong and changing your opinion. He’s totally in the right to go after them.

Basically, it was clear from the start it was a matter of self defense. Only the question of how/where he got the gun might have been questionable, but that was also cleared up early on . The jury decided correctly with NOT GUILTY on all charges. He was chased down once again and thrown to the ground. One man attempted to hit him over the head with a skateboard, he was shot in the abdomen and bled out.

Skater guy and pistol guy seem like schmucks too. They were trying to be heroes with insufficient information. Well according to the laws on the books sure.

A place to post and discuss the spread of hate, disinformation, conspiracy theories, and calls to violence across social media. This is a community dedicated to information involving Kyle Rittenhouse and the Kenosha shooting incident. Will you also report the game “Tonight we Riot” where you play as Antifa destroying cities too? Like most of the things the reactionaries believe about their enemies, it’s projection on their part. There are actually quite a few of these on Steam, they just don’t get a lot of advertising for some reason. And of course Valve’s owners don’t have a problem with white supremacy, they are generally old white men.

I thought I was crazy or missing something if so many voices I agreed with and trusted were telling me the opposite was true. However, I watched the entire trial and couldn’t have been more convinced that this was clear cut self defense. Watching the media try to spin this narrative was sickening and a cruel wake up call. It’s called into question so many of my past stances on issues and what information I’ve acquired that is slanted.