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Best rogue spec to level as? : classicwowtbc

If you don¡¯t know whether or not your build is horribly flawed, then it probably is. My biggest advice is for you to pick a good build and stick with it. I have spoken to THOUSANDS of rogues (I¡¯m not joking) who have taken a standard tested build and made gigantic changes to them. A sprinkle of this and a sprinkle of that to cater to your gameplay, fine, but don¡¯t put together some wild build and then ask someone later if it¡¯s any good. I¡¯m not saying this because I¡¯m irritated with any factor of this because I simply am not.

Second, the extra attacks granted by Sword Specialization are always performed using your main hand weapon, regardless of which weapon caused the proc. As far as your offhand weapon is concerned, for levels 10-20, you won’t have access to poisons or weapon specializations, so the DPS of your offhand weapon will be more important than the weapon type or speed. However, after level 20, having a fast offhand weapon will provide higher DPS through more frequent application of poisons.

When you level as a rogue you will also be using Riposte whenever you parry. This is very important to increase your leveling speed. Using a weakaura to ensure u don’t miss any would be ideal.

If you want to save on gold for your mount you can skip the purchasing of these skills until later. Mind-numbing Poison- Gives a chance to slow enemy casting speed up to 60%. 5% increased crit chance with Dagger Specialization. Not a lot of healing abilities, they osha approved cowboy hard hat rely on potions and First Aid. What is the easiest Rogue spec for PVE in terms of rotation and the amount of buttons to press? Hi, my druid is currently lvl 75 and i’m going for resto at lvl 80, so my question is, what is the most used resto healing rotation?.

When reading the sections below for cycle recommendations, note that multiple given recommendations for the same build indicate that you should choose the one which works for you. This matters most typically for rogues with Combat Potency, as depending on the speed of your off hand weapon and your hit and expertise rating, you may need to use more or fewer CP on Slice to sustain it. However, the spreadsheet recommendation also accommodates your exact gear and raid buffs, and therefore should be used over general guidelines such as these. Unlike for main hand weapons, weapon type and speed are both at least as important considerations for an off hand weapon as weapon DPS is. With Sword Specialization, a sword in your off hand gains a large damage boost relative to off hand weapons of other types. Typically an off hand sword will perform on par with other weapon types of up to two itemization tiers higher.