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Black Desert Online: A Complete Guide to Fishing

It’s the same for every same type of boat regardless if it’s equipped or not. Before you go AFK, make sure to check your AFK settings and location. You can tick the box shown in the Fishing UI to make sure you can’t be kidnapped by other players on a boat.

However, they still retain their Cooking rarity and effectiveness. Branding the equipment will decrease its repair cost by 33%, and the durability consumption by 50%. To repair a rod you just need to go to a blacksmith and repair like any other piece of equipment. Hotspots have specific spawn locations but are completely random and only last for 30 minutes before moving to another random spot. They do not spawn in the Ross Sea, Margoria Seas, Juur Sea, or Vadabin Sea. Investing in Mastery gear is really not worth it unless you want to Harpoon fish or actively fish.

If the resources are exhausted, they will bite only rarely. Fish resources can be exhausted from a region due to popularity, so it’s best to fish in different areas from time to time. As time progresses and your skill gets better you will find it easier to catch rarer fish. While fishing you gain EXP for your fishing skill as well as your overall level. A higher fishing skill will give a chance to not use rod durability upon cast. 1) What’s the difference between abundant and exhausted resources in terms of game mechanics?

Ironically, Black Desert is teeming with a slew of fish species. You’re sure to hook something if you cast your line into any body of water by chance. But if you’re looking to snag a certain, more elusive species, check the lists below to scout out the best fishing hole for your purposes. As the little explanation that appears if you hover the name indicates, increasing these levels will cut down your Fishing time .

Legendary fish can be caught in specific locations in both the freshwater and sea. They can be sold to traders for high prices but Imperial Fishing is unavailable. When you get a bite, your bdo fishing rod failstacks character will wait 3 minutes for you to manually catch the fish. If you don’t catch the fish then the game will automatically catch it for you and it will go straight into your inventory.

Instead, they can now be sold on the Central Market, but they may not be worth much depending on the type of fish and the demand. After you have successfully completed all phases of the minigame you will receive a window with the fish you have just caught. If you recast your line without pressing then the fish will be deleted. Fishing floats are equipped in your offhand weapon slot and can be repaired and enhanced with weapon black stones. Auto-fishing begins automatically when you snag something but do not begin to reel it in manually. This function allows you to go AFK while still grinding for some extra coin.

You would be able to use the rods better and would also unlock specific fishing quests. So a higher level also helps to get a better rod to do fishing at a much greater rate. Everybody loves fishing, and in that case, Black Desert Online is undoubtedly an exciting and fun game to play.