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Blueberry Cold-Brewed Tea Cocktail Mixer All Natural Mixers

Preheat your brandy snifter by pouring hot water in the glass. Throw the water before pouring in the ingredients.Pour the Grand marnier and Amaretto liqueur into theglass.Top off with warm orange pekoe tea. One of our favourite hot tea cocktails is Blueberry Tea.

You might have been thinking why this drink is named ‘blubbery tea’ when it isn’t made with any fresh blueberries in it. The drink is called so because it holds a fruity taste that is considered to be similar to blueberries. This aromatic fruity taste comes from the combination of various ingredients such as the flavored liqueurs and orange pekoe tea used while brewing this tea.

In the least, use green tea or oolong tea in its place. Blueberry tea is made by steeping leaves of the blueberry bush in hot water. A fragrant and delicious beverage, it provides a number of unique health benefits that make it both refreshing to drink and beneficial to your body. Spiked blueberry tea, also known as Upper P Tea, is a refreshing iced drink made with vodka, blueberry juice, and iced tea. Preparation is simple — Add both liqueurs to the snifter and then fill with hot tea to taste. Swaddle the brandy snifter in serviettes or a cloth to protect the hands.

Give the gift of enticing aromas and awe-inspiring flavors with 5 teas that will spoil mom on her very special day. Aside from the few ingredients you’ll need to make blueberry tea, you’ll also want to have a couple of other items on hand. It stands to reason that blueberries are a whole plant food, which provides a high level of fiber. Plant-based fibers, which are linked to cholesterol loss, are thought to be effective. Food is the ingredient that brings people together.

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Freelance writer and cocktail book author Colleen Graham is a seasoned mixologist who loves sharing her knowledge of spirits and passion for preparing drinks. (-) Information is not currently available for this nutrient. If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. Do not forward to anyone under the legal drinking age. Warming, sweet, spicy and delightfully aromatic – chai is a mood.

Discover personalized recipes, organize your meal plans, shop ingredients, and cook with confidence alongside our FREE, step-by-step cooking app. In contrast, there are not many great substitutes for Grand Marnier. While there are many orange liqueurs available, few have the cognac base that this drink requires. Don’t try triple sec, Cointreau, or anything like that because they simply will not work. Make two quick and easy tea-infused holiday drinks that will impress your guests.

Rum is a popular choice for those who enjoy sweeter drinks, as it can add a touch of molasses to the beverage. You can’t use Black Tea as the flavor is completely different. Glass can be pre-warmed with hot water before adding liqueurs.

It’s not uncommon to order one at home or on the go, whether you drink it at home or outside. The blueberry tea combines amaretto, orange liqueur, and hot orange pekoe tea, making this warm drink taste reminiscent of blueberries. Blueberry Tea is deceiving but delighting hot and aromatic alcoholic drink made with tea and liqueurs.

Blueberries can also help to improve gut health by decreasing bacteria levels in the gut, as well as by re-balancing bacterial levels throughout the gut. To make the best blueberry tea possible, pay attention to your tea’s water temperature and brewing time. For black teas, you will want water heated between 180 F and 212 F, just under a full boil. The brewing time should be 3 to 5 minutes, though it’s always a good idea to follow the recommendation of the particular tea you’re using.