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Brandon Hatmakers biography: Where is Jen Hatmakers ex now? Brandon Hatmakers biography: Where is Jen Hatmakers ex now?

The reason behind their separation is still unknown. In September 2020, Jen and Brandon got their divorce officially. Through a Facebook post, Jen asked her fans and followers to pray for them and to respect their privacy. She told everyone that she herself was shocked and heartbroken. Asking people to respect both their right to privacy and not to ask for divorce reports public.

Due to the celebrity and riches, he has amassed over time. As of October 2022, his entire net worth is estimated to be $5 million US dollars. When it comes to Brandon Hatmaker’s official education, he attended a local school in his hometown.

A community foundation namely Legacy Collective is also in his grasp as he is the co-founder of that community. At some point, Jen made news headlines when she cast her votes for the LGBT community. Unfortunately, this came after the revelation that one of the Hatmaker’s children, Sydney, was gay, which the family knew years before the public announcement. Consequently, LifeWay Christian Resources, one of the major distributors of the author’s books, declined further sales of books and materials written by Jen Hatmaker. They got married at a young age, had four kids together, and he totally minimized it. I don’t know much about him b/c I didn’t even know who Jen was until three years ago but his post is awful.

Since Brandon and Jennifer’s divorce in August 2020, he stepped away from his role as a pastor. At some point, followers started harassing him, which led him to make his Instagram account private. He shared a post asking people to stop sending malicious messages prying into his life for the details about the divorce. He has been pastoring at the Austin church in Texas, which he co-founded in 2008 alongside his wife, Jen. He also runs the Legacy Collective, where he is a managing partner and member of the advisory board.

This backfired because they are both an important part of the Christian community, and in October 2016, LifeWay Christian Resources stopped selling Jen’s books. Since then, Jen has been threatened with death over the ‘phone and on the internet, and she and her husband are occasionally harassed by the people of Buda, Texas, where they jen hatmakers divorce live today. In the lengthy caption, Jen revealed that she is “shocked, grief-stricken and broken-hearted”. She did not reveal the reason or the details of the divorce and implored her followers to remember them in their prayers. She also urged the “interloper who revels in the pain of another” to spare them of the “cruelty”.

On Sunday, the popular podcast host and mother-of-five shared the news in a lengthy Instagram post. Also, Brandon and his family were part of TV reality shows likeYour Big Family Renovation, Brother vs. Brother,and he, along with his wife, was also seen onTiny House. He attended a local high school, and went to church with his family every Sunday, which eventually got him interested in becoming a pastor.

Once again his kids will read it and think wtf- what about our mom? There is something really off-putting about the language he uses. In her social media posts, Tyler is regularly mentioned, and the couple appears to be happy.

However, being a third gender, Sydney often faces backlash from the crowd. Talking about Jen’s biological children, they are maintaining a low profile at the moment. But Jen’s eldest daughter, Sydney, made the headlines when she revealed herself as gay. Similarly, Jen makes a big chunk of earnings from her best-selling books. So far, Jen has published dozens of books, among which some of them have sold thousands of copies. Some of Jen’s highly-rated books are Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire ($12.99), Simple and Free ($12.99), 7 ($9.99), For the Love ($1.99), etc.

Additionally, there is no information in public about his siblings, if any. Sharing about her divorce on Instagram, Rachel mentioned a few specifics of her’ tough decision to end her marriage. This Abortion Recovery Training is meant to give ministry leaders, pastors, & organization members tools to serve abortion-wounded individuals. The conversation surrounding abortion has grown louder and louder in today’s social climate. Leaders are often expected to have answers to tough questions and the questions surrounding abortion are no different.

We will update you more on this once any incidence occurs. The pastor and author was born on the 25th of July, 1972, in Colorado, United States of America. Brandon Hatmaker’s age is 49, but he will celebrate his 50th birth date in July 2022. Born to a pastor, he spent most of his childhood in Colorado alongside his siblings. He later released a statement begging people to stop harassing him.