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If you want to know more about the symbolism of these tattoos, we recommend this article on the different meanings of flower tattoos. If you want to know the symbolism behind this tattoo, check out our article on butterfly tattoo meanings. Tattoos behind the ears are usually butterfly rib tattoos done by people who want to show off their tattoos. Since this location is very sensitive, it could hurt more than others. People should think about what kind of tattoo they want before getting it done. Simple designs are better because they won’t take much time to create.

Motifs range from flowers such as peonies to snakes, tigers, dragons, devils, and other images. The beauty of quote tattoos is that everyone has the opportunity to choose something they find meaningful. For some people a single word can do the trick, others need more. While usually black, small tattoos can be multicolor too.

Butterflies represent young love, as they fly among flowers, signifying young people with their social lives. In Chinese culture, butterflies are emblematic of joy, grace, immorality, and summer. Animal tattoos are straightforward and carry some meaning or symbolism. A belief that people and animals are spiritually connected is one of the reasons why you should get them tattooed.

This is a cute tattoo that would suit anyone, it would also be great as a first tattoo too. Are you looking for a tattoo which represents how much you care? Here we have a rib tattoo that features the word family in an elegant font. You can have a similar design or choose a quote or different word.

You can look really chic and seductive at the same time with a straightforward rose rib tattoo. Rose tattoo on rib can make you look striking, provided you get the rose rib tattoo placement right. A woman with a side rib tattoo is perceived to be powerful and sexy! A rib side tattoo shows the sexiness of a woman’s body without making her look desperate.

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