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Can You Curl Your Hair After Keratin Treatment 2022 Top Tips For Using A Curling Iron Post Keratin

We offer several brands – including Keratin Complex – of dry shampoo, which may be used in small doses. But if you can stand it, embrace your three-day hair as it naturally is. Keratin treatments are fine for rainy days, but you’ll definitely want a rain coat with a loose hood and an umbrella. Please review the care recommendations in this post before you make your keratin treatment appointment to be sure you can commit to the practices and purchase any needed item. TEST STRAND – we put the solution on a small amount of hair for a set amount of time to ensure the process will not damage the integrity of the hair. I have started using the same conditioner as leave-in.

Make sure the stylist is skilled and understands your hair type before deciding on a formula for your hair. Choose a salon and stylist that are known for their expertise and customer service instead of settling for a salon offering the lowest rates. There are many versions of keratin hair treatments available, some containing more formaldehyde than others, and some containing less harmful alternatives. The use of formaldehyde is a concern as it is a carcinogen. Though the amount of formaldehyde released in a keratin treatment is very less, it’s better to opt for formaldehyde-free treatments. Results of a keratin hair treatment can last up to six months and professionals might customise formula blends to suit your hair typeand needs.

A keratin treatment is a temporary process that coats your hair in a chemical to make it smoother and straighter. Check your hair after you brush it to make sure it’s sleek. While your silk pillowcase will minimize your risk of creases and frizz, they might still happen. Examine your hair in the morning using your bathroom mirror and a handheld mirror. Angle the handheld mirror so you can see the back of your hair.

The easiest and safest option to go with is to ask your hairstylist to do it for you.

The Brazilian Blowout Treatment works great on chemically treated and damaged hair. According to many stylists who specialize in keratin hair smoothing, you should be able to curl your hair oil bottles hair after the treatment with a round brush and blow-dryer. The treatments shouldn’t reduce your overall hair volume, and your hair should remain malleable to your styling touch.

As such, some stylists wear masks during the treatment and have the client wear one too. Keratin coats your hair strands and offers protection from sun and environmental damage. Those with unmanageable hair can say goodbye to frizz and roughness.

For hair health overall, it is best to reduce application of heat and chemicals on hair, esp if you are worried about the costs. I know you might find it difficult right now since you are in school so you take your time to figure out the best time to get back to your natural hair. You can, if you want to do this now, slowly keep chopping off the heat damaged sections while taking care of your new curls the right way.