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Car Yanked From Alabama Creek May Have Remains of Kyle Wade Clinkscales, Who Vanished in ’76

Kyle Clinkscales’s disappearance 45 years ago may finally find a resolution following the discovery of his car inside a creek in Chambers County, Alabama. Authorities state that they found his identity card, wallet, and suspected skeletal remains inside the vehicle. The hope among Kyle’s family is that the remains are his so that they can put to bed a 45-year mystery. Inside the car, investigators found what they think are human bones along with identification and credit cards belonging to Mr Clinkscales, according to Sheriff James Woodruff of Troup County, Georgia. Kyle Wade Clinkscales’s car was pulled from a creek around Cusseta, Alabama, on Tuesday after a man called 911 to say he believed he had spotted a vehicle.

Then, when she was found dead, I didn’t know what to believe. By June 2005 Jeanne Pawlak Johnson and Jimmy Earl Jones had been arrested in connection to the Clinkscales case. Jones was charged with concealing a death, hindering the apprehension of a criminal, and two counts of making false statements. Johnson was charged with concealing a death, making false statements, and obstruction of justice, per media reports. The sheriff’s office continued interviewing people who reached out after the 20 year anniversary of Kyle’s disappearance.

He was arrested in 2005 and charged for concealing a death, hindering the apprehension of a criminal, and two counts of making false statements. The pond did contain santa hotline for bad kid a 3-foot dip where officials thought the body might have been. They believed, however, upon further information, that Ray Hyde later removed the body from the pond.

“We had looked and looked and looked and came up with nothing,” he said. The Georgia sheriff who spent years investigating the disappearance, however, said he believes he knows exactly what happened that night. Kyle’s body, he alleged, had been covered in concrete, packed in a barrel, and dumped in a private pond.

The other pleaded guilty to two counts of making false statements and spent seven years and eight months behind bars. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking through the vehicle for additional bones to determine whether or not they belong to the missing Georgia student. “Obviously I don’t know if the GBI will ever be able to prove cause of death and manner of death because I don’t know how much of the remains are intact and how much an autopsy will reveal,’’ Skandalakis said.

One June afternoon in 1994, my mother told my father and me she was going to the Piggly Wiggly about six miles away in Lineville. When the store closed at nine o’clock that night, she still hadn’t returned. Around an hour later, my father and I went looking for her. When we returned home, we called the hospital, then the police, then every other person we could think of. Sheriff Donny Turner said in February 1997 that he’d received valid information from two or more sources that Clinkscales’ body would be found in Stovall Lake.

Jones was charged on two charges with concealing a death, obstructing a criminal’s arrest, and making false statements. Johnson was also accused of obstructing justice, making false statements, and concealing a death. The car Clinkscales was driving, a white 1974 Ford Pinto, was never found. It was assumed that he went missing and was murdered because he fooled Ray Hyde, a local infamous for crime in this area, out of drugs and money. Investigators in the United States had discovered the 1974 Pinto that a 22-year-old student was driving back to Auburn University from Georgia when he went missing 45 years ago. Jones’ trial was for providing false statements during the course of the investigation.

I kept driving toward Delta without stopping at the bridge. I didn’t even know for sure why I’d decided to come this way. According to Jones, after leaving the Moose Club, Kyle stopped by Hyde’s place to drop off some money he owed. Jones, who claims he was present at Hyde’s, said he “heard two shots, and I—when I turned around, I was in shock.