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CARE BEARS Glowalot 12″ Cheer Bear Plush 9 05 inch Glowalot 12″ Cheer Bear Plush . Buy Teddy Bear toys in India. shop for CARE BEARS products in India.

Each Care Bears Mini Plush Dangler is 7” inches in size, comes in five fun designs, and comes with a colourful heart shaped clip that can attach to any backpack for great on the go play. The Care Bears are a group of bears on a mission of caring and sharing and what better way for you to join in than with the new Care Bears Bean Plush. Each Bean Plush is 9″ inches in size making them perfect to take on all of your adventures big or small.

The Care Bears are the greatest best friends you could ever ask for! Whether you’re feeling cheerful or grumpy or every emotion in between, they are always by your side to make things better. Play with your favourite Care Bears friend like never before with the new Care Bears Unlock the Magic Interactive Figure. Have fun playing with your Care Bears friend as your touch unlocks 50+ reactions and surprises.

Care-a-lot might be full of sunshine and rainbows but it’s okay to be skeptical. Do you know someone that connects with Grumpy Bear on a real level? There are plenty of gifts that will make them feel at ease with their skeptical persona. They are perfect for slipping on after a long Monday at work or school.

In Late-May 2021, Hopeful Heart Bear plush was added to UK-based distributor website abgee.co.uk. She was eventually released in the United States in Late-July 2021, being the first standard Care Bear to be released exclusively to Target stores. These gifts are awesome for anyone who’s a fan of Care Bears whether they started watching the original Care Bears crew in the eighties or they restarted their interest in the most recent bout of nostalgia.

Series 5 consists of two new characters – Dream Bright Bear and I Care Bear. Until January 2022, a release in the United Kingdom was not announced until she was shown off at Toy Fair UK 2022, despite being promoted in couple username ideas marketing beforehand. She finally saw a UK release in May 2022, eleven months after her Canadian release. The UK release uses the same packaging as the US, with the Walmart graphic covered over with a white decal.

This 14-inch range features textured plush, based on the Denim design. Cheer, Share, Grumpy, Funshine, Good Luck, Tenderheart will all be released in the range. For 2023, a relaunch of the main plush range, titled “Eco Plushes”, will released to coincide with the success of I Care Bear. Each one of these Eco Bears are each made out of 18 plastic bottles. Cheer, Share, Grumpy, Funshine, Good Luck, Tenderheart, Love-a-Lot, Wish, Harmony, Friend, Hopeful Heart, Togetherness, and new character Dare to Care Bear will be included in this range. Care Bears are truly irresistible with cars made of clouds, rainbow slides, and the pudgy bears that all have their own skills.

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