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Caribe Devine Bio, Age, 12 News, Husband, Salary, Net Worth

She lives her life to the fullest and it is quite evident when one looks at her Instagram photos at @caribedevine. While she is a regular user of the famous social media platform and uploads her beautiful photos on it. Together, the two are blessed with two daughters, Nevaeh born in October 2009, and Aviva born in December 2013. There is no information about the couple having a divorce. While free, Caribe loves reading, Watching Movies, Hiking, and Eating at new Restaurants. The famous meteorologist is an American national and citizen by birth.

Later, she joined the likes of Phoenix 12 News in the year 2005 as a weekend weather anchor and feature reporter. And, she started working as a Weeknights Chief Meteorologist in the year 2011. She is also taking interviews with famous and renowned people and celebrities on EVB Live at 4 pm.

According to NBC estimates, Devine receives an average annual salary ranging from $27,300 to $77,500. However, she has not disclosed her exact height details to the public. Together they have two daughters, Nevaeh Johnson born in October 2009, and Aviva Johnson born in December 2013.

However, she grew up in El Paso, so she considers it her hometown. Moreover, Caribe Devine’s father,Walter Devine, is an Afro-American whereas, her mother is Mexican. Nevertheless, both of them have contributed to her successful career. Likewise, Devine is the eldest daughter of her parents and has two younger sisters. Her promotion from weather forecasting to news anchoring has been a long journey. Devine currently anchors the 5, 6, and 10 pm news with Phoenix 12 News.

After that, she went to the University of Texas, located in El Paso, and graduated with a degree in Elementary education. Devine also went to Mississippi State University and graduated in broadcast meteorology. No information is available on when and how the couple met or when they jen hatmakers divorce officially got married. However, if their public photos together are anything to go by, then they’re presumed to be living their best life as husband and wife. Being one of the top journalists for 12 News, Devine earns an annual salary ranging between $ 20,000 – $ 100,000.

She loves to cover the news of The Arizona Monsoon Season. Devine provides information on many topics, like record-breaking extreme heat, dust storms, violent thunderstorms, etc. Likewise, Caribe Devine’s main aim is to make people aware of climate change so they can adopt safety measures later. Devine earns an annual salary ranging from $40,000 – and $ 110,500. The two are proud parents of two adorable daughters, Nevaeh Johnson, who was born in October 2009, and Aviva Johnson, born in December 2013. She is married to her husband Renard Johnson and the couple has two daughters.

With Mark Curtis, Devine anchors 12 News at 5, 6, and 10 p.m. Caribe started her career at 12 News as a weekend weather anchor and live shot feature reporter in 2005, before transferring to weeknights as a head meteorologist in 2011. Caribe was born in Longview, Texas, although she calls El Paso her hometown. Caribe was a news anchor for the Andress High School student news broadcast in high school, but she chose a different path in college.

Devine started her career at 12 news in 2005 as a Weekend Anchor. But before becoming an employee at 12 News, she was a Weather Anchor on KTSM-TV in El Paso. Apart from being a weather forecasting reporter, Devine also features EVB Live Segments and interviews at 4 p.m. Caribe was efficiently recognized as a meteorologist at the Arizona Moonsoon Season, where she broadcasted the news of the changing season of summer to her Viewers. She was always curious about broadcasting, so she joined her High School’s News Club, where she decided on her journalism career.

Caribe considers the highlight of her career as a meteorologist to be The Arizona Monsoon Season, which occurs during the summer months. Journalist UKThis category comprises of the famous journalist in the United Kingdom. Caribe currently anchors 12 News at 5, 6, and 10 with Mark Curtis. She resides in Arizona with her husband and two daughters.