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Cataclysm Rogue Leveling Guide Reach Level 85 In No Time

Glyph of Slice and Dice – Increases the duration of Slice and Dice by 3-seconds. This can be useful while leveling if you find Slice and Dice drops between enemies more often than you’d like. Glyph of Eviscerate – Eviscerate has a 10% higher critical chance. When we are done in the Combat tree, we move over to the Assassination tree. This tree supplements our damage significantly with talents like Malice and Lethality.

Restless Blades – Rank 2/2 – Your damaging finishing moves reduce the cooldown of your Adrenaline Rush, Killing Spree, and Sprint abilities by 2 sec per combo point. Aggression – Rank 3/3 – Increases the damage of your Sinister Strike, Backstab, and Eviscerate abilities by 20%. Cannibalism is a nice “in your face” for PvP and eliminates the need to use a bag slot for food. Blood Elf Area effect silence effect also restores some energy , nice when fighting anything that casts spells as it interrupts Player and NPC spellcasting. Nice while lurking in wait, either for AFKing or ambushing. Dwarf Good with maces but that’s best if you’re combat, but not so good otherwise.

Rogues offer a unique leveling experience with Stealth and its incredible toolkit, offering multiple solutions to every problem. Most players neglect their ranged weapon when playing a melee-based class in WotLK, and Rogues country singers who wear cowboy hats are no exception. This ability can provide the means to pull enemies from afar without the need of getting close and potentially pulling more mobs. Weapon upgrades will be the biggest damage increase when leveling.

Most of the information regarding your leveling specs DPS rotation as well as its survivability and healing abilities can be found on the individual spec pages that we linked above. There are however a variety of other abilities that are much more situational that you slowly unlock as you level from 1 to 60. • Alarms can cast blind, bring green pots.• Magma dungeon, the holy grail of zeny makers. Questing is the best and fastest manner to get XPs . But it’s essential to be familiar with that Blizzard made a big amount of quests with the purport to slow you down.

Let it suffice to say that if it weren’t for FoK, rogues would be nowhere near our current spot at the top 10% of the damage meters. Yogg+0 and Anub’Arak hard mode are two fights where FoK simply outshines every competitor, and resulted in both world first kills of the last two “end bosses” seeing rogues at the top of the meters. Prior to that, you’ll be receiving one of, in my opinion, our “signature moves”. Tricks of the Trade is our threat redirection / damage boost combo, which sees extensive use in both PvE and PvP.

Rogues also do not have healing abilities in Wrath of the Lich King. As a general rule of thumb for leveling purposes, you want the low end damage of your main hand weapon to be equal to or greater than your current level. Slower, harder hitting main hand weapons provide more burst damage via your special attacks. Combat Rogues bring a much more optimal playstyle to the leveling experience, and bring a lot of benefits over the Assassination Rogue spec. For instance, Combat Rogues perform AoE damage much better than Assassination Rogues, and as such Combat Rogues can take on multiple enemies at once.

Increases the damage dealt when striking from behind with your Backstab, Garrote, or Ambush abilities by 4%. Reduces the chance enemies have to detect you while in Stealth mode. Increases the damage of your Sinister Strike and Eviscerate abilities by 6%. Increases the damage of your Sinister Strike and Eviscerate abilities by 4%. Increases the damage of your Sinister Strike and Eviscerate abilities by 2%. Increases the effect duration of your Gouge ability by 1.5 sec.