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Cathy Nguyen Gets Honest About Her YouTube Career & Being A Mom

The Catholic Church also helped in improving the life of the people in Tagbac. The inhabitants of this community took care of them for weeks before they were able to return prometheus apartments to the place where they came from. The name of the barangay came from a medicinal plant which looks like ginger that grew profusely in this place during the early days.

Michael Banaag is married to Youtube star Cathy Nguyen. Before they married each other, they were in ling term relationship. Additionally, their family and close friends were only present there.

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Seeing the need of a Catholic school in the island, the said priest established Stella Maris School. The farmers of Lubang remembered the municipal president who encouraged them to plant different kinds of crops in their farms. It was also in the year 1918 when the seat of the municipal government was removed from Tilik and transferred to the place where it is located at present.

The name of the barangay came from a tree called malabrigo by the families who first inhabited this place. In order that their children could acquire secondary education, a barrio high school was opened by the association of parents and teachers in this place in 1966. To serve as guide for sea vessels, the government built a lighthouse in Tilik in 1959. The first graduation ceremony for elementary school graduates was held in 1949. The former municipal hall was made as a post office and after a few years it was converted into a school building.

Imelda Raganas, a community leader, said the people of Manicani “don’t have another source for livelihood” so the transport of ore stockpiles should continue. Banaag said the stoppage of ore transport could also imperil their children’s future as they might be forced to stop school in case her husband, who has been working in HMC, would be laid off. However, in 1918, the center of the municipal government was transferred to the place where it is located at present. In 1905, under the American regime, Lubang became a municipality and the seat of the municipal government was placed in Tilik. They only built shelters in that place when a concrete chapel was constructed by Fr.

It was believed that the ancestors of the inhabitants of Brgy. Maligaya were the ones who fought the Spaniards for the stone fort in the island of Lubang could be found in this community. Soriano Villaluna was appointed as its first teniente del barrio. The said leader worked for the establishment of an elementary school in his community. Since that time onwards, in memory of the lasting love of the couple whose footprints were found on the rocky shore, this part of the island of Lubang was called Binacas..