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CFA® Exam Tips: Checklist of Items and Intangible To Dos

If you love a good moan, drop by the 300 Hours Community. Follow the 1 month game plan, this is what every candidate should be doing now. We help you uncover the secret to passing through Active Learning. Get everything you need to pass with our 90-day access. CFA Institute upholds the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct to ensure the integrity of CFA Institute membership, designations, and exam programs.

Several weeks before exam day, it is essential to review all CFA Institutetesting policies. Also, you’ll need to confirm that you have a valid international travel passport, meaning that it’s not expiring or won’t expire on exam day. Now is a good time to get it renewed if needed so that you’ll have it ready when you get to the testing center.

You will sign your name in a log book with the current time. I see that the exam format was changed to digital, and seems to be that candidates are not allowed to bring any scratch paper – but received some earlier when the exam cfa level 1 pdf was in written format. In addition to studying for the exam, you also need to prepare for exam day – getting to the test center, getting in, what to wear, and so on. Close your eyes and visualize the day for five minutes.

Any type of luggage, including pencil boxes and huge purses. It is permissible to bring a small wallet or money purse. At all times, you must wear a facial covering that covers both your mouth and nose. To avoid the crowds that occur at the end of every CFA exam, candidates will be discharged by room or section.

This will give you an idea of which topics you should focus on based on how many questions each section has. Keep in mind that these percentages are only estimates and the number of questions in each section may vary. Additionally, you should be focusing your mock exam preparation on the topics that you’re most likely to see on the exam. For example, if you’re already confident in your economics and fixed income knowledge, you should spend more time studying topics that you’re less familiar with. CFA candidates take theLevel 1CFA exam in one day and two sessions—morning and afternoon.