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Combat Rogue Leveling Guide From 1 to 70 for TBC Classic TBC Classic

These greens won¡¯t fall out of the sky, so don¡¯t think that you will be upgrading everything overnight, but you will be picking up new pieces. I¡¯m just going to provide you with a lot of information and you can decide what paths to take. I keep a supply of crippling poison and mind-numbing poison on hand if PvP happens . As far as leveling goes, double instant is the way to go. Your entire process shows you haven’t really thought through how one actually levels sub.

It also bears mentioning that Greater Agility is an inferior enchant, even on an off hand weapon. Hemorrhage-based builds such as trispec Hemo swords and trispec Hemo Deadliness were, at one time, quite popular. This popularity was due to a patch change which boosted Hemo builds up to the same theoretical DPS level as combat builds while allowing them to provide the Hemorrhage debuff to the raid. Since then, Blizzard has retuned the ability such that Hemo builds will perform roughly 5-6% behind combat builds using equivalent weapons. While the Hemorrhage debuff will provide a decent benefit to raid DPS , it scales poorly.

As mentioned above, the most critical contributions to rogue raid DPS are having an enhancement shaman and DPS warrior in your group and having someone debuffing the boss’s armor. However, many other buffs are required to maximize your DPS output. A difference of just a few buffs can make a large total DPS difference. Keep this in mind when attempting to compare yourself to western blazer for wedding other rogues in your raid or in other guilds via WoW Web Stats or other methods. As a result, it is often considered more powerful for combat rogues than andduring tier 6 progression. Although its power scales back somewhat against high armor bosses, it also scales with your gear level, to the point that when you reach the end of Sunwell, it may well be superior to theor.

If you never have more energy than the amount required to Sinister Strike or Backstab, then you are theoretically immune to capping your energy. In general, the best practice is to use your available cooldowns simultaneously. This is most important when it comes to haste effects.

To increase your speed in leveling keeping good weapons is very important. Make sure that your main hand is a slow weapon to increase the damage of your Sinister Strike. Your offhand should also be a fast weapon to increase the number of poison procs. Dungeons also provide great access to gear, which Rogues are much more dependent on than other classes. In Wrath of the Lich King, many players will opt for a dungeon-grinding strategy to accumulate experience points and reach max level.

Using two separate %-based haste effects together will provide greater total damage than using them one after another. In addition, using a rating-based haste effect will provide greater total damage while other %-based effects are active than it will normally. Finally, using any other stat-based cooldown will provide greater total damage while haste effects are active than it would normally. As a result, it is best to use haste-based cooldowns (most typically Blade Flurry and) and other stat-based cooldowns together.

To get the best result from our World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic Speedleveling Guide, it takes more than just taking the fastest route. We’ll show you how to play your class most effectively with our guide. As far as gear is concerned, look for any “of the Monkey” or equivalent items that have both Agility and Stamina. Other stats like Attack Power, Crit % and Hit % are also good to have. Strength, on the other hand, is a fairly mediocre stat for Rogues, providing only 1 AP, whereas Agility gives 1 AP in addition to Crit, Dodge and Armor.

At level 20 you get Riposte too, this will be a big damage increase whenever you parry. For more leveling tips, check out my Quest Completionist Guide for Alliance Rogues. For alternative methods to level up your first 5-6 levels, check out my Exploration Leveling Guide and my Gladius Grind Guide. For those of you that wish to level with another specialisation, you can always check out ourSubtlety Leveling guide instead. Other professions, such as Engineering, Leatherworking or Enchanting, can be very time consuming. If you want to level any of these but still place value in leveling to 70 quickly, it would be recommended that you save any materials gathered in your bank and do it when max level.