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Confessions of a Hotwife

We don’t have ownership of all these pictures. Interestingly, many Stags have no interest in sexual encounters with other women. So-called because apart from indulging in extra circular bedroom activities, they’re otherwise a long-term straight married couple with kids and regular jobs, whose friends have no idea what they get up to. Vixen Hotwife For Young Cock You’re all aware that Annie is a proud Vixen Hotwife. You’re well aware that she rarely misses an occasion to have her mouth, pussy and ass loaded with fresh cock.

Having permitted my Bull to ‘recover’ from the orgasm that I had graciously gifted him, it was now time for me to be a little selfish. Due to the release of our recounts of the events that unfolded in NYC, the chronology of the blog is somewhat out of sync; my last post before this mini-series, 14. A Night on the Town took place back in February 2019!

The husband is the one who initially brought up the idea of sharing her as a vixen or a hot wife and he the stag. She finds herself getting turned on by the idea and they take the first steps into the hotwifing lifestyle. The first physical encounter though is with a mutual friend who happens to be female, not the traditional onward memes ‘Bull’ male. It is, for this Vixen at least, a more gentle introduction into the hotwife role. The couple seem to take it step by step, the first encounter with another man being a threesome with all parties present and the wife taking each man in turn until they have a spit roast together and all are sated.

Also, stags and vixens doesn’t preclude the man being involved. As well as watching he might eventually join in with his partner and another man rather than enjoying being excluded. The VXN Lifestyle community is a safe, discreet and non-judgemental global community where Stag and Vixen partners can and will meet with other likeminded, respectful people who enjoy this adult lifestyle.

Couples who practise stag and vixen fantasies are not, however, automatically polyamorous or open. Stags and vixens often only have sex this way in pre-arranged situations, having negotiated their boundaries and when they are both present. In cuckolding, the cuck doesn’t want to join in.

I’m certainly not complaining and feel very fortunate with my love life previous to marriage. I love getting to know a ‘potential’ bull and the anticipation of a first meet is exhilarating, not to mention the possibilities that it can lead to. Where ‘dating’ in the hotwife lifestyle differs to that of conventional dates is that there is no pressure. I’m not going out looking for a future life partner, I don’t feel like I have to conceal things to please.

Met in college, shared all of life’s basic experiences, had fun, got jobs, married, and had two children. Thousands of genuine verified members inside, sharing their partners, pictures, videos and much more, all waiting for people just like you to come and play. If you are already familiar with the scene and looking to meet new like-minded people then welcome to VXN Lifestyle, your new place to connect, liberate and play. If you have recently come across the term Stags and Vixens and are keen to learn more, welcome. This is a safe environment to explore no matter wherever you are on your journey.

Perhaps he wants to see you fucked silly by a rampant well-muscled stud he could never be? Or maybe it’s seeing you own another cock as if it’s nothing, sliding your wet slutty pussy smearing your juices all over a sex toy male to be used and fucked. As long as all parties are adult, consenting, respectful and enthusiastic—sharing your Hot Wife fantasy adventure can be thrilling and really drive your relationship to the next level.

A Stag is a Stron Alpha Male who enjoys his Vixen having sex with ither men. The Stag will always be evolved, watching or joining in. He encourages his wife to explore her sexual side. He derives his pleasure from his wife being his personal porn star and wild and dirty but all for her pleasure. For her to be the center of attention, carressed, kissed, rubbed, tasted and everything all focused on her and her hightened pleasure provided by and ONLY with the Stag’s permission and support. In short, a Stag enjoys his Vixen being desired and sexually enjoying herself with other men or another lady.