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What does the touch we culturally embrace and the touch we suspect say about our ideals and fears? What does political media’s fixation on—and perpetuation of—rural/urban binaries tell us about physical space as a metric of value? How is medical technology, artificial intelligence, and robotics changing the context and conception of touch as a human sense? What are conservative culture warriors who decry public discussions about personal boundaries and sexual harassment so worried about? Can lucid dreaming help us to foster intimacy and work to heal physical trauma? Why are reality shows about making things so much more comforting than ones about getting things?


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In addition to our quarterly print magazine, we publish online content five days a week. Interviews with feminist culture-makers are welcome, as are book, film, and music reviews and nuanced analyses of particularly horrifying and/or inspiring examples of pop culture. PopMatters publishes for posterity. Our roots are in academia, and our mission is to educate as well as entertain.

Fatherly is looking for parenting advice and funny experiences with kids from a dad’s perspective. The list runs the gamut of topics, from parenting and knitting to business and writing, so there should be something here for everyone. Suite 200Portland, OR 97232While we may not be able to respond to every general submission, we’ll keep your work on file if submitted by email or by post. Our themes are intended to be nonexclusive jumping-off points rather than limiting factors, and below we’ve included a few key words that may help along your fabulous brainstorms. We encourage you not to interpret the themes too literally, and in fact to go ahead and interpret them as loosely as you wish. Furthermore, if you have an idea you think is right for us but that fits no theme, go ahead and pitch it anyway.

If you add image, please send us proof that they are royalty-free. If you took the picture yourself, let us know. Article should be at least 1000+ words, but please ask us if you would to write something shorter. Preferred formats are Google Doc and Microsoft Word.

She previously worked as a contributor for, a website aimed at Millennial women with a focus on pop culture and celebrities. She’s in love with sports such as the NFL and NBA, entertainment, and all things pop culture. Below are guidelines for pitching online stories to us; articles for print are commissioned separately.

No, we mean 3D as in celebrating all facets of vivid, technicolor fangirldom. We leave traditional stereotypes, particularly those affecting women (though anyone’s welcome here), on the cutting room floor. We’re looking for new writers to add to our growing community of people who like talking about all things fandom.

Be it anime, Kpop or Netflix, or any other entertainment niche, otakusmart has audiences from all over the world. Moreover, we will help you to translate your article written in Finnish to English if needed. HYPEND is always on the lookout for guest writers to contribute an original article related to the HYPEND community to better give back to the culture that we all share a passion for. To help us do that, we’re currently looking to expand our team. We pride ourselves in providing engaging content, and we do that through a vibrant team ethos.

The fact is, we enjoy what we do with a passion for all things pop culture. We encourage articles related to sustainable Fashion, Entertainment, Award Shows, Celebrity interviews, Hot topics, Film festivals, Hotel And Restaurant reviews. You might add relevant images within the guest post. Try to write engaging captions and words so that the readers find it interesting. Before you pitch any of these sites, read the guidelines carefully and study the posts they’ve already run.

We’re a friendly group of people that love all things pop culture related. You’ll find someone on here with a shared interest, we guarantee it. Ready Steady Cut is one of the web’s fastest-growing entertainment sites, especially in the streaming platforms arena.