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Coppit Board Game Spears Childrens Game

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Roll the dice to get your pieces around the board without being captured by another player. Once you’ve captured someone’s hat you then need to get it back safely to your home base. The twist is that someone else can then capture your hat, and hence all the hats under it. This in turn might also result in them freeing one of their own already captured hats.

Rather than standard playing pieces each player has four cones, or hatsas they are known in Coppit. Now, what you are trying to do is to be the last player standing, whilst all players try to capture other players hats. It was renamed and has been re-released several times, most notably by the Spear’s Games company in 1964. It is a game for two to six players and is based partly on luck with a die and partly on strategy. It is similar to the game Ludo and is nominally a children’s game.

If a piece is on these squares they cannot be captured. Each player has four conical, or hat-shaped, playing pieces all of the same colour that start off in their home ‘base’. However, while you are moving back to ‘base’ with a captured piece other players may in turn capture your piece. The winner is the last player to have an uncaptured piece. There are a few squares on the board that are of a different colour to the rest; if a piece is on these squares it cannot be captured. This second difference makes sense when you understand what the aim of the game is in Coppit.

For once, my nostalgia wasn’t entirely the result of pink-hued ocular enhancers. Coppit is a simple game that’s somewhat reminiscent of Ludo but without the frustration and involving a fair bit more strategy. Since it’s possible to have four pieces in play at once and each piece can have several movement options, there’s plenty of room for tactical thinking. Classic Card Games for Kids is a fantastic set containing playing cards and timeless favourite cards with a book of over 20 games to play.