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CorelDRAW Help Rectangles and squares

Just turn a portrait blanket to the landscape view! ” That works just fine if you are crocheting a rectangle with a single color, in bands of stripes or with self-striping yarn. However, if you are working a color work c2c color graph you may need to know how to work both a landscape & portrait rectangle shape depending on the design.

It’s why the pattern is taking you to the C2C Half Double Crochet. You may want to try Ravelry for a pattern for a dishcloth. I think it’s called Half Double Stitch in Tunisian terms. In the diagram, 5th is the beginning of the decrease on one side while the other side is still increasing. Choose any yarn you wish and hook size that compliments the hook. The gauge will be determined by your hook.

When your long side has reached the length that you want it to be, decrease as normal. Turn your work as normal to begin your next row, but don’t make a turning chain. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers.

The first two decrease rows are shown in grey below. This just works like a traditional c2c decrease (and always goes super fast!). To continue working your rectangle, simply repeat Rectangle Rows big twist yarn free crochet patterns 1 and 2 until your rectangle reaches your desired length. Now you’ve been reminded of how to make the typical square c2c pattern, below I’ll outline how to modify this to create a rectangle.

As an educator of crochet, one of the hangups I have is trying to get people to understand the decrease and I think it’s our presentation that is not making it clear enough. Crochet Corner to Corner is actually done from one corner to the other. However, the diagrams usually presented are squared to the paper. Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me is an expert at the corner to corner stitching concept with an armful of free patterns. Tease yourself by snooping over on her website with her free patterns.

Hope you will settle in with a cup of coffee and your favorite crochet hooks and stay awhile. When you work a square in c2c crochet you will begin decreasing on the same row. For more corner to corner crochet project ideas, check out this recent round up. Continue working in the c2c pattern to the end of the row, working a block in the last ch3-sp as with a normal increase row. When you work the traditional c2c pattern, you increase equally along both sides to the widest point, then start to decrease equally. Crochet your corner-to-corner square until one straight side is the same length that you want the shorter side of your rectangle to be.

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