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Crochet Blanket Size Charts

To determine the correct size of quilt, you first need to understand the common sizes of mattresses. Next, you’ll have to decide if you want to include a “drape” or “drop” for your blanket. The stitch count chart above is the closest ‘all in one’ guide I could create, but it does require that you know your stitch gauge.

Whether you join the pieces with crocheting or with invisible seams, blocking them will make your final blanket “puzzle” fit together much better. You’ll pick up many tips and techniques the more blankets you crochet. Here are a few of my favorite suggestions for crocheting an afghan you’re proud of. Learning about a new pregnancy is often what sends us searching for the perfect baby blanket to crochet. Crochet this C2C crochet monstera leaf blanket for a baby nursery or your living room–the iconic tropical leaves will lend a fresh, modern vibe! I used a blend of Lion Brand’s Touch of Cashmere in Brandy, which is a worsted weight yarn.

For this fact, you can do multiple things like read of binge watch Netflix shows while they make the blanket. It’s often the first project any beginner tiktok loading gif can start with because of the simple rectangular shape. The larger the hook you use, the fewer stitches you will have to do across a row.

There are very few crochet motifs quite as iconic as the almighty granny square. Many crocheters love granny square blanket patterns because they can be built in small portable sections. If you do find yourself with a pile of squares, be sure to learn how to join crochet granny squares as you go to avoid extra seaming. Chunky crochet blankets are perfect for beginners or for those that want to finish an entire crochet blanket pattern in a weekend. Many of us are willing to invest extra time and energy into Christmas crochet patterns because we know they’ll bring joy for seasons to come.

The average size for a crochet basinet or cradle blanket is 18″ x 30″. When you need to change to a new ball of yarn, use the same technique as you would for changing colors. [ch 1, skip next ch, sc in next ch.] Rep across the entire row. You are free to use this pattern to create finished products for sale.

But more than the blanket type of pattern, you’ll also consider multiple factors that can affect the chain stitches number. The finished size of a blanket isn’t just related to the length of your starting chain. You will also need to take into account the size of the yarn you are using, the hook size you’re working with and your own tension.