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Crochet Patterns for Among Us Game

Attach to either side, slightly above the mask. Once complete, attach to the top of the body where the visor would normally be. With the increased stitches all to one side you will notice the cone is wider on one side than the other. Orientate the wider side to the 6 o’clock position to achieve the correct shape.

At first I made crewmates based off the characters we used in the game including the hats we were wearing in game, then I made the dead body crewmates. Are you looking for a fun and creative way to show your love for the popular game, Among Us? Why not try your hand at some of the amazing Among Us themed crochet patterns that are now available? These patterns are perfect for anyone, regardless of their skill level, and can be made with basic crochet techniques. With these patterns, you can bring the world of Among Us to life with your own handmade creations. Crafted using basic crochet techniques and terms.

Body pattern is worked in continuous rounds. Use a stitch marker to mark the last stitch of each row; move it up as you go along. rectangle corner to corner To create the eyes, use small red circles of red felt and glue a single length of black yarn around their circumference.

Crochet among us will be a very small doll when you make the amigurumi good. I like the leaf-shaped hair detail on her head the most. Such fine touches can add great differences to amigurumis. Well guys, it’s my latest free crochet pattern, an Among Us Amigurumi from the popular social game! I decided to work up a basic crewmate Among Us crochet pattern, and as a bonus, I’ve even included the “dead body” pattern as well.

There are holes between two legs after you finish. So use the yarn tail from leg 1 to weave in and out to close the holes. As usual, We will upload new videos on Monday each week, in addition, we release funny videos on the first day of every month.

I hope you liked the pattern and the amigurumi. Now let’s crochet the Among Us amigurumi step by step. I have not had time yet to make these. But the pattern looks easy to follow. Sign up to receive10% OFFyour order from my Etsy store . Receive updates on new patterns, amigurumi how-to videos, sales, coupon codes and special offers.

I have seen quite a few people make “adaptations” and call it their own. Please have respect for people’s work. Due to my patterns being stolen, I am trying out a new way of posting them. I hope that I can continue to provide patterns for free, but seeing my hard work repeatedly posted without credit is extremely frustrating. This mini pocket plush from Among Us is a free pattern available online.