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Currensy Announces NFT-Only ‘Financial District’ EP For 4 20

The Jet Life Recording founder is partnering with Bondly Finance to offer special items for the weed smoker’s holiday. This collection consists of the special edition albums for ‘Financial District’. This is the ONLY place to get the 420 Blaze Pass NFT which is your access pass to the Smoke event tonight. Outside of cooking up some new content for his supporters to eat off of, the 40-year-old rhymer was featured in the recent campaign for Jay-Z’s Monogram cannabis linelast week. The campaign was brought to life by the legendary Hype Williams, who photographed Curren$y and others.

As part of the EP release, there will be a one-of-a kind NFT art piece designed by NFT 3D animating graphic artist Kid Eight up for grabs. The piece will be sold through an auction that will run for three days starting on April 20 and the winner will be getting a lot more than one NFT art item. The New Orleans rapper and his Jet Life Recording label mates are partnering with Bondly Finance to run the auction for three days with the highest bidder also receiving flights and hotel accommodations to attend and meet Curren$y at a future event. Additionally, the winning bidder will receive a physical piece of the art printed on canvas, an Atari Metaverse and other potential virtual world integration.

Tell me about you partnering with Bondly Finance for an exclusive NFT drop of your EP Financial District. Purchase of the full 7-song EP, a 4/20 Smoke Pass, a Curren$y Lowrider NFT, and a rare Jet Life Chain NFT that’s only reserved for purchases of the full EP NFT. Purchase the full seven-song EP which includes a 4/20 Smoke Pass, a Curren$y Lowrider NFT and rare Jet Life Chain NFT that’s only reserved for purchasers of the full EP NFT. The campaign was brought to the spotlight by the well-known Hype Williams who photographed Currenn$y and other hip-hop artists. Whether you are a beginner in investing in the market or have relevant experience, it is always advantageous and recommended to be aware of what is currently on the market from Non-Fungible Tokens.

They reached out about making a foray into the world of NFT, putting together a collection of music to partner with some digital art and to partner with a digital pass to concert backstage in Houston tomorrow. It got bigger when I really started to look into how people felt about some of the NFT purchases that they made. I realized that just going to the studio and grabbing a few songs out the hard drive would have been a disservice to what we’re doing, because it’s totally original to the purchaser.

Tier 3 is for those only looking to join the 4/20 virtual smoke session with Curren$y and Jet Life. An NFT is simply a rare digital collectible, a limited digital collectible. If you think about a baseball card or even Yeezy sneakers, you go to the store… Some people don’t like Yeezy. But they’ll wait in line to go in the store because they know that., when they get those sneakers for two hundred dollars, as soon as they leave the store, they have the potential to sell it to a resale market of people who actually want that sneaker.

During the photo op, the artist actually got the chance to test out Hov’s highly anticipated pack and gave XXL a mini review on it. What he wanted to do was to pen his lyrics that would be unheard on other platforms or in any other realm except for the NFT realm. He didn’t want to go through a computer to find B-sides, incomplete songwriting, or songs we didn’t feel like using. Instead of that, he went to the lab, creating original pieces explicitly meant for that purpose. Tier 2 features a 5-song selection from the EP, 4/20 Smoke Pass and Curren$y Lowrider NFT, while Tier 3 includes a 4/20 virtual smoke session with him and Jet Life.

The track also sees a matching visual that shows Curren$y with his un-matching fleet of vehicles, plenty of weed, and much more. Spitta Andretti is the latest artist in the hip-hop bubble to capitalize off the NFT wave. Rap peers like A$AP Rocky,Soulja Boy, Post Malone and Azealia Bankshave recently made headlines for following heart for heart dolls suit. Curren$y is releasing a new EP called Financial District, exclusively as an NFT, to soundtrack everyone’s 4/20 cyphers. Somebody bought him a me, so he doesn’t want anything to happen to me and me not be in his eye sight. Like how he walks around with a Hot Wheel in his fist, I am just another thing that he just have.

After this debut album, he released the second one called “Jet Flies” the same year. In 2010, this famous rapper released his third album called “Pilot Talk” and his fourth “Pilot Talk II”. “Every year a bunch of people are celebrating 4/20 for the first time. I’ve experienced it many times and it’s no longer so special but, you know, you can’t ruin Christmas for the babies just because you grew up and realized there’s no Santa Claus. So, that’s me, dressing up like Santa Claus and putting toys under the tree for everybody so that they still hold on to it and keep going,” Curren$y concluded. In a recent Forbes interview, Josh Kesselman, founder of the famed rolling papers brand RAW, disclosed the rapper was the first major star in the hip-hip world to shout out RAW in his songs, starting a trend that would fast become a rap staple.

Before signing to Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment in late 2004, Curren$y made appearances on famous albums such as “Ballers” by 504 Boyz in 2002 and “Good Side, Bad Side” by Master P in 2004. This famous rapper released various mixtapes and made some crucial appearances on albums of the same label. It’s really no different in the NFT space, where you have crypto savvy people who are buying these NFTs because they believe there’s a market they can potentially sell them to on the resale market, like a sneaker or a baseball card. The auction will run for three days with the highest bidder receiving flights and hotel accommodations to attend and meet with Curren$y at a future event. In addition to the one auction piece, the NFT sale also features three NFT tiers. The new seven-song project is called Financial District and it will include artwork by Kid Eight.