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Difference Between Lager and Draught

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It’s sometimes referred to as beer “on tap.” Any type or brand of beer can be served on draft, as long as it is stored in a keg after it is brewed. Beer enthusiasts find beer that is served straight from a keg to be fresher, crispier, more bodied, and authentic than the variety that is packed in a can or bottle. After all, there is a short period of only a couple of days between the time the drink is transported from the brewery to the distributor then to the bar.

Ensure your markup is enough to cover lower price times like happy hour. Bottle beers store its entire aroma inside their bottles whereas draft beers are more flavorful because the beverage is poured into the glass making its aroma stand out for a while. Bottle beers can imitate draft beers only after they are poured into a separate drinking glass before consumed. Beer from the tap is usually fresher than the bottled or canned product, and freshness impacts flavor. Its ingredients are usually prone to oxidization, which can also impact its flavor. As long as you keep your keg lines clean, your draft beer is generally going to be better than a bottle or can.

In Britain, the Campaign for Real Ale was founded in 1971 to protect traditional—unpressurised—beer and brewing methods. The group devised the term real ale to differentiate between beer served from the cask and beer served under pressure. The term real ale has since been expanded to include bottle-conditioned beer. Canned draught is beer served from a pressurised container featuring a widget.

The definitions, spellings and pronunciations of the two words tend to confuse some people. Therefore, we’ll discuss the differences and similarities of the two below. Keep in mind though, that many variables can affect the quality of draught beer. From not letting it rest after transport, to serving it in the wrong temperature, chances are you’ll have a beer that leaves a lot to be desired. Not maintaining the tap lines can also bring impurities to your brew.

It has a citrus aroma and its bitterness made it refreshing that was enhanced by the beautiful pairing of salted egg yolk crisps and fish skin by The Golden Duck. Stout also comes in a darker colour, which makes sense since beer derives its colour from the degree jorja fox and her husband of roasting of its malt. An interesting combination that is getting popular is the mixing of stout and pale ale, called a black and tan resulting in a drink that is smooth yet not too strong. Beers are broadly split into two categories – ale and lager.