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Dynamo Pro Style 7′ Air Hockey Table

The use of common household materials drastically reduces the cost to build this game. It may be nice at first glance to have a sleek and modern looking table, but if the gaming experience is diminished, it isn’t exactly worth the compromise. An unfortunate aspect to this table is that the aesthetics are somewhat better than the actual functioning mechanisms in the table. Certain spots on the table are less effective at friction reduction than other spots, so you will have a somewhat inconsistent experience, but this is to be expected from a table in the sub-1000 dollar range.

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. A simple addition of one more strategically placed fan would make the air circulation extremely more fluid for the pucks, but we didn’t have that much of an issue.” Hearing positive something and valuable from client feels good and build credibility for company.

Then I started getting hooked on home video game systems like Intellivision, Atari, Colecovision and later Nintendo. Air hockey tables are a great addition to your home whether as part of an existing rec or game room or just as a standalone game. It will bring lots of fun and entertainment to your family and friends. This machine has classic arcade controls but hooks directly up to your big-screen TV so you can easily move it (even if you don’t have a dedicated game room).

Even though these tables are a dream come true for air hockey lovers, a lot of people cannot afford them. Since these tables are made for tournaments, they are usually expensive and made up of high quality material. Is it for your kids or for you to have a nice game with friends at home? For instance, if you want to play with friends then there are 4 player air hockey tables so that less people have to sit and wait around for their turn. But a 4 player table will not work if you are playing professionally because they are not sanctioned for competitive play. If you are buying for kids then there are tables that are either lower or just the board without legs which can be placed on the floor.

To achieve this we created a simple power distribution system, which takes in the 12v power input from the adaptor and splits it into two. One that will power the Arduino and the other that will power the led strips. We used male and female power jacks to make the power distribution system.

Once you know the required size, you can look at the different sizes and models available in the market and buy one for your own home. This article is a complete guide on hard hat umbrella and it will help you in making a decision. If you are a professional, tournament-level player, you may want to purchase another table, as this table is only a seven foot model, which is a foot short for tournament play. Regardless, it is a good option if you don’t necessarily have the room for a full-size table, or you don’t actually care about a tournament-size table. If you have kids who really like table hockey, this can be a great investment, it will certainly keep them occupied for long amounts of time.

4 to 6 feet – This category of air hockey tables are best suited for indoor purpose. These can be easily carried to different places for recreational purposes. A large motor fan blows ample air onto the pitch, while LED rail lighting provides cascading effects during your game. Because of the multi-player aspect and innovative lighting features, this air hockey table is the one to get if you tend to host bigger parties often. Kevin LaBarre, salesperson and Game Table Department Buyer at Pelican Sports Center in New Jersey has one quality he looks for first when searching for his perfect table.