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Elephants in the Room Part 7: Getting Real About Divorce with Jen, Kristen & Jamie

The couple together were the leaders of the church and managed the religious place together. But after being public about her views on same-sex marriage and offering full support and respect to the LGBT+ community, Jen was kicked out of the church board. Her career as a Christian author and speaker also went down when she started criticizing Donald Trump and his policies. Get ready for some real and raw conversation with Jen and two of her most trusted friends about an experience they’ve all shared [which happens to be this week’s elephant in the room as well].

The two have kept their private life away from the social spotlight and have carried ahead on their paths. And so a lot of this the manspot was internal, some of it was external, it was physical. I put every single possible thing in the soup pot and just stirred.

“This is on us at this point to come in with clear leadership for the kids we are raising, the kids that we’re influencing to be an advocate and ally for their peers of color.” The former couple are the parents to five children, Gavin, Caleb, Ben, Remy, and Sydney Beth. While both parties have kept the reason behind their divorce private, there were rumors of Brandon having an affair but none were ever confirmed or denied. She was also a vocal critic of Donald Trump and his evangelical supporters.

Her marriage came to an end, and she didn’t see it coming; it just took her by such a surprise that it felt like the floor was swept from beneath her feet. After her admission, she started to receive death threats. People who’d bought her books mailed them back to her address; others burnt the books or tore them to shreds.

Brandon Hatmaker has not been very active on social media since his divorce. Moreover, his relationship status is currently unknown because the man keeps his private life under the wraps. Jen admitted that adopting the two Ethiopian children deepened her understanding of racial imbalance.

They named their children Gavin, Caleb, Ben, Remy, and Sydney Beth. The couple gave birth to these five and adopted Ben and Remy from Ethiopia when they were eight and five, respectively. Brandon Hatmaker may not have made news headlines for the right reasons, especially due to his position among the Christian folks, he has tried to move past the pains caused by the divorce. While no one can tell precisely where he is and what he does, it is believed that he must be doing well for himself and strategising. As for his educational background, Hatmaker attended Oklahoma Baptist University after his secondary education and graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor’s degree in arts. “This is not the place to be neutral or silent,” she said.

The New York Times has named For the Love, Of Mess and Moxie, and Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire as three of her books that have achieved bestseller status. How to become vulnerable within all areas of your life so that you can grow. Jen Hatmaker was born in 1974 into a religious family.