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The contours of your feet create their own arch support from the shoes. It helps to distribute your weight better, and can aid in removing pressure from particular joints and help with some pains you may be getting from poor posture mest up shoes created by bad shoes. At the same time, we want to find a way to make it up to you. Please reach out to me directly at I can assist you with product exchanges, returns, and refunds, and I will do my best to ensure your satisfaction.

The shoe heel is too high and pushes the weight of your body onto the ball of your foot. This caused arch pain and low back pain in my body. In addition, the cushion inside the show was thin and uncomfortable and the arch support was very little at best. Upon checking, it seems that there was initially an issue with one of the items you returned. Hyper Engineering designs, manufactures, and exports single phase and three phase electronic software-driven soft starters. With offices located in USA and Australia, Hyper Engineering fulfills soft starter requirements worldwide.

After a long wait and no contact or invoice the shoes arrived and they are so badly made it’s disgusting how this company got so many good reviews. The shoes smell so bad of chemicals and they are the opposite of soft. The toe area feels like I’m wearing rubber thongs. The packaging has no overseas address and still no invoice in the bag so I can’t even return the shoes. As the memory foam molds to the shape of your feet, it acts as a support.

Very good shoes, finally the size 7 fits very good, I have a bunion on my feet and this shoes don’t bother me at all. We understand that our Hypersoft Sneakers did not meet your expectations, and that the pairs you ordered were not the same size. On top of that, getting in touch with us had been a difficult task for you.

We are happy about the performance of the software and the services. Taking necessary steps in developing as per requirements. This company provides excellent customer service and communication. I ordered Oct 8, 2022 and have yet to receive my order. Shipment according to tracking is in Los Angeles which coincidently is the same as the origin.