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Envoy can’t connect to local upstream server

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Most of us love to play PC games and connect with our friends at one place. Starting from Epic RPGs, action-packed shooters and simulation hits, Origin has everything in store for you. You can score the best deals at the Origin store and the rest of the process is easy. You can also return the purchase with the Great Game Guarantee.

To fix this issue, you can talk to your web host to check what your values are set at and if you can increase them. If the 502 Error code is still showing up despite trying most of the methods so far, it is possible the origin server might be currently experiencing a downtime. Sometimes, a browser might show a 502 coding error despite not having server or network issues. In this case, the windows bug fills windows boot with error might be triggered by faulty browser extensions such as ad-blockers, outdated browser versions, or corrupted files in your browser cache. The reasons for 502 bad errors can be numerous, from minor browser-related issues to problems with CDNs. This article will go over some troubleshooting steps to follow when a 502 Bad Gateway error occurs, both for the server and client-side.

There are a handful of possibilities as to why the 502 error message is appearing on the website you’re trying to access. 113 Heuristic ExpirationThe cache heuristically chose a freshness lifetime greater than 24 hours and the response’s age is greater than 24 hours. 525 SSL Handshake FailedCloudflare could not negotiate a SSL/TLS handshake with the origin server. 523 Origin Is UnreachableCloudflare could not reach the origin server; for example, if the DNS records for the origin server are incorrect or missing. 529 Site is overloadedUsed by Qualys in the SSLLabs server testing API to signal that the site can’t process the request. 450 Blocked by Windows Parental Controls The Microsoft extension code indicated when Windows Parental Controls are turned on and are blocking access to the requested webpage.

If the 503 errors are not occurring currently, provide the time period with the timezone information when 503 errors occurred in the past. Ensure that you have all the required headers, query parameters and any credentials that need to be passed to the backend server as part of the request. Review the specific API Proxy and ensure that you are using proxy chaining i.e., if the target server/target endpoint is not invoking another proxy in Apigee. If you are using proxy chaining, you need to repeat all the above steps for the chained proxy until you determine what is actually causing the 503 Service Unavailable error. In these cases, 503 Service Unavailable may happen in other chained proxies at other stages as well, which you can diagnose using this playbook.

112 Disconnected OperationThe cache is intentionally disconnected from the rest of the network. 526 Invalid SSL CertificateCloudflare could not validate the SSL certificate on the origin web server. 494 Request header too largeClient sent too large request or too long header line.