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Exclusive Q&A: Curren$y Drops A Special First-Of-Its-Kind NFT With New EP

But I feel like that virtual smoke session will be like… Like any of our other shows, if I step out the green room and I’m like alright you, you, you, you, those three, baby alright y’all cool and just let them in and kick it. How does it feel to be able to integrate it into your brand and with your relationship with your fans? The fact that you’re having a virtual smoke session. Spitta Andretti, or Curren$y, is just one of the latest hip-hop artists who manage to capitalize on the imposing NFT wave.

It’s my first time locking in with Trauma Tone, this shit been good. I’ve had a few beats from him on my mixtapes, the listeners always hold those records in high regard. This amazon search exclude was long overdue, we had to pull up on one other. He took the first step and came to New Orleans. Yeah, it’s cool though, because I’m working with the homies right now.

And they were not smoking because I gave it to them. They were buying it in the stores, man, because they really love to smoke and they’re like, ‘I like this. I can really taste the terps,’” the entrepreneur remembered. Tier 3 is for those only looking to join the 4/20 virtual smoke session with Curren$y and Jet Life. An NFT is simply a rare digital collectible, a limited digital collectible.

I can’t sell because that’s the time I did that. I have a warehouse in New Orleans that houses 30 of them. I’m just so happy to see Black fathers with their sons being represented.

In theory, an artist can utilize a NFT to create a virtual concert experience or use it as a collectible token that gives its owners access to a virtual or physical performance of the same kind. The auction will run for 3 days with the highest bidder also receiving flights and hotel accommodations to attend and meet Curren$y at a future event. A mere couple of months after the release of Land Air Sea, Curren$y liberated the fourth installment of his well-received Pilot Talk series, which contained 10 cuts and a single feature from Jay Electronica. It would be remiss not to also include Spitta’s NFT projectFinancial Districtin celebration of 4/20. Purchase the full seven-song EP which includes a 4/20 Smoke Pass, a Curren$y Lowrider NFT and rare Jet Life Chain NFT that’s only reserved for purchasers of the full EP NFT.

It got bigger when I really started to look into how people felt about some of the NFT purchases that they made. I realized that just going to the studio and grabbing a few songs out the hard drive would have been a disservice to what we’re doing, because it’s totally original to the purchaser. So I feel like it should be completely new. At a time when many celebrities, including musicians, athletes, and influencers, are launching their NFTs, it is no wonder why nft curren$y, launched by one of the famous hip hop artists, has reached the spotlight lately. Along with a one-of-a-kind “musically inspired,” art auction piece designed by 3D NFT animation graphic artist Kid Eight, the NFT sale features three tiers at different price points to offer fans an array of affordable options.