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Executive Assessment Exam All Questions Answered

Some of you just broke out in a cold sweat because you haven’t thought of this stuff in forever. Maybe it’s how to strengthen and weaken arguments. How to choose the appropriate object or subject pronoun in a given sentence, depending on where it is in the sentence. Things like grammar rules, math rules, formulas, and things like that. You’re going to have to dust off those math cobwebs, especially if it’s been decades since you have been in a math classroom. As a busy professional, you need to focus on quality over quantity.

As of 2019, there are nearly 70 b-schools worldwide that accept EA scores. Some of the popular ones, and the corresponding program, are included in the table below. Even though the EA is not as popular as the GMAT, there are a lot of websites out there that provide strategies and practice questions for students to utilise.

As for prep material, we recommend that you head to the GMAC website and use Executive Assessment Official Prep so you can study with assurance. Now, you can divide your preparation into section and topic-wise modules. Make sure to attempt the Executive Assessment practice test at periodic intervals during your prep and modify your action points accordingly.

Things will get easier if you keep in touch with the topics. Make a study plan and divide the hours you will dedicate each day. In this COVID-19 situation, you can request a work-from-home opportunity. It will ease your study time and increase flexibility in your preparation. Ultimately opting for the EA means improving a candidate’s chance of getting admitted to an elite program at the expense of being eligible to apply to fewer elite programs.

If your program isn’t on the list, ask the Admissions Officer anyway. Depending on your profile and “fit” for the program, they may agree. Otherwise, you can request that the official scores be sent later. These will also be available in your GMAC EA account 24 hours after you complete the exam. Take the supplemental Foundations Course to learn math basics step-by-step from an expert tutor.

As a point of clarification, this 8 years of work experience must be accrued by the start of the program. Focuses less on math and includes the use of a calculator for quantitative problems. It also includes a verbal section, which emphasizes vocabulary. Significant wishi reviews data to understand how scores directly relate to performance in the program. It measures one’s ability to analyze a given data and derive practical conclusions by using algebra and arithmetic. Therefore, high-school level Mathematics is required.

Problem Solving questions are just standard, multiple-choice questions that you’ve almost certainly seen on other tests. Data Sufficiency questions, on the other hand, require students to evaluate whether two statements are sufficient to answer a question, either individually or together. In the second half of our quant lesson, we’ll add even more Strategies to your arsenal.

OK, so they don’t always swim faster than 50 kilometers per hour. That fact does not change the fact that we have to explain that sometimes dolphins do swim at speeds greater than 50 kilometers per hour. Given that this answer choice says, we’re still wondering how dolphins reach speeds in excess of 50 kilometers per hour in the ocean. Dolphins have been observed swimming at speeds in excess of 50 kilometers per hour in ocean water.