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Experience the Magic of Mosquito BayThe Brightest Bioluminescent Bay in the World

Nearly all of the pictures you’ll see online have been photoshopped to promote the experience. When you first see the water at night, you might not notice anything – but once you start paddling through it, you’ll start to see the blue, depending on the conditions of the water. Another common question I hear is – is it possible to swim in bioluminescent bay Puerto Rico? The answer is no – swimming is not allowed, and the main reason is to protect the dinoflagellates from damage.

You might not think that moonlight could make that big of a difference, but if the moon is too bright, it can dim the effect of the dinoflagellates. Mosquito Bay is widely known to be the brightest of the islands’ three bio bays, but even this one is affected by the light of the moon. Puerto Rico’s startling bioluminescent bays are some of the most scenic places to visit on the island, and unlike other bays in the world, these can be visited year-round.

I am Steph, a twenty-something adventure-loving nomad, writer, and photographer. I’ve always loved traveling and now I’ve set out to explore every country in the world while promoting ethical and sustainable traveling. Very excited to see a couple locations in Europe though, I had no idea I could see it so close to home! naked beach in spain Will definitely need to visit Ireland and Belgium again soon because it sounds magical. Bioluminescence is very common around the southern parts of the island, near Hobart and its surroundings. As your boat slowly meanders out of the cave, you could be forgiven for thinking you are witnessing a star-studded sky.

Therefore being in the water will make you feel like Tinkerbell. As I came closer the waves lapped my toes, and the blue glow seemed to pulse. The more ripples that I created in the water, the more light appeared. Whilst not apparent at first, after diving into the water you will soon begin to see an eerie electric blue glow.

Two-hour tours ($60) leave from the docks in Esperanza at sunset and 9pm. Do this especially if you’re going on a holiday weekend, as this is a popular activity in Puerto Rico. Check the cancellation policy with the tour company, in case you find a brighter bay at the last minute and wish to change your trip. Today, though, swimming is restricted to preserve the ecology of the bays. One of the main reasons swimming is forbidden is to prevent kayakers from dipping in the water with chemicals on their bodies, like bug spray and sunscreen.

Locations all around the world are included and there might even be one near your current location or wherever you plan to go next. At the end of the day, I can only encourage you to wander the world with your eyes open. An incredible natural wonder might be just around the corner or at the next beach. Seeing bioluminescence is an incredible & unique experience, but many are left wondering where to see bioluminescence.

“The Mosquito Bioluminscent Bay on the Island of Vieques, Puerto Rico is the most bioluminescent in the World. It contains up to 160,000 microscopic dinoflagelates per liter of water. To help you with your planning, we’re providing the calendar below which indicates the new and full moons, and our opinion of which nights will be better or than others. Avoid use of single-use plastic while on these tours as waste facilities can be lacking and plastic often ends up in the water.

In fact, there are 3 different spots where you can see the Puerto Rico glowing water around the island – each with their own pros and cons which I’ll cover in this guide. Less than an hour’s drive from San Juan, on the Northeast Coast, Laguna Grande is the most accessible bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico. Fajardo is the second brightest bay of the trio, although light pollution from nearby towns is still very much present.

The secluded island is situated in the south of Cambodia in the province of Sihanoukville. Getting to the island can be painful as things in Cambodia often run late, but once you get to the islands, it is completely worth it. The experience of seeing bioluminescence for the first time will be incredible and shouldn’t be missed. One of the most beautiful bioluminescent displays I’ve ever seen was on the island of Ko Lipe in Thailand.

Take to the water by kayak to explore the nocturnal wonders of this special habitat. The Atlantic Sea Kayaking company offers a special Starlight Kayaking Experience. When conditions are calm and the sky is dark, there is a chance that the water comes alive with the sparkling light. Generally July and August are the best times to see this amazing spectacle.