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I can understand how that is creating issues between you and your husband as you are not getting one-on-one time with your husband which is especially crucial for any relationship. If it makes you feel better to vent, then that’s the best medicine. mother-in-law quotes negative The host said it really was the son’s job to take care of any problems his wife was having with his MIL, as it would relieve a lot of the tension between everyone. Any women looking down or treating their daughter in laws like crap is stupid.

Having said that, several times, striking a balance can be tricky, as Nimisha’s husband, Prasoon recounts. He says he knew about the issues between his mother and wife, but he didn’t know how to deal with them. “My wife wanted me to ask my mother not to interfere in our matters. But I didn’t know how to go about doing that. Finally, to save my marriage, I had to shift out,” he says.

In this way, your mother-in-law might even shut down other people who advise her to be manipulative against you. To deal with an emotionally manipulative mother-in-law, you have to extend an olive branch in the presence of your husband and other family members. This is the most effective way to counter her scheming ways. At one point, she may seem genuinely interested in your relationship with your husband, while at another, she may be poisoning his mind against you.

This can leave you bewildered and confused, wondering if she is really manipulating things her way or you have mistaken her concerns for toxicity. Thus, we list down the signs of a controlling mother-in-law which will help recognize the true nature of your mother-in-law. “It was very difficult to switch off my mother in law’s life support system. I had to fight my wife and two doctors to do it.” In India, in the majority of cases, after a couple ties the knot, the daughter-in-law moves into the husband’s house to live with his parents. But a recent study conducted by the online marriage portal, shaadi.com, suggests that this tradition is slowly changing. These days, an increasing number of women (almost 64.1% of those polled) are choosing to start nuclear families, away from their in-laws.

Do not let your frustration against your mother-in-law spoil your relationship with your husband, where he feels stuck between his mother and wife. Understand why your husband is acting up and make sure that the bitter relationship with your mother-in-law does not affect your married life. It is a nice way to make your way into your controlling mother-in-law’s heart.

These emotional, funny, and heartfelt quotes about mother in law can help you express your thoughts and feelings that may not have been easy to convey all this while. So text her these quotes or write them down on cutesy notes and show how much she means to you. Although moving out of one’s parental home may have been the solution for the Kadams, it is not a course of action that should be taken lightly.

Take away her capability to manipulate and twist your married life. Mind games and manipulative behavior are toxic to anyone. Therefore, you have to take appropriate steps to remain emotionally and mentally strong and healthy. Distancing yourself from in-laws is one of the most effective solutions to deal with a controlling mother-in-law. If things seem totally unresolvable, convince your husband to move to a new place away from your mother-in-law. The joint family setup does not work for everyone and that is fine.

Please don’t let me piss off my daughter-in-law and lose babysitting rights over a forbidden bag of candy. When she does or says something that feels off-putting to you or makes you uncomfortable in your home or hers, tell her how amazingly wonderful she is. Ask her how she knows so much and if she’s ever made any mistakes. Let her know you realize your partner is her child, and the transition isn’t easy for her. Follow it up by being clear with examples of things you won’t compromise on. Maybe you’d like her to call before she comes over.