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Fallout 4: Human Error A Step By Step Quest Guide

Tell her about your investigation of Stockton’s caravan, and she’ll tell you she knows nothing like everyone else. Ask her about problems with synths and then lie about the SAFE test. You’ll shift the conversation to being about Honest Dan.

If you sided with the Compound, it quickly becomes apparent that these people have no idea how to run a settlement. They don’t have enough food or water, and they have zero power . If you decide you can’t allow Chambers’ work to continue, she and her guards will turn hostile.

The containers in this house can be used for storage without the items becoming owned by the settlement and the items in this house can be freely taken even if one is not allied to the settlement. There are a few other unowned junk items up for grabs, mostly around the backs and sides of the houses, and some near the workshop. The cabinet under the toolbox in the workshop shack can also be freely used as a container. There is a farm plot with 7 corn, 5 tato, and several mutfruit , which are cultivated by the settlers and will respawn. Apart from the “owned” wild mutfruit these can be freely harvested by the player. The doors of the houses will also remain locked, so new settlers will humorously be locked outside.

Like I said earlier, you cannot move these turrets whatsoever. If you destroy them, they will be destroyed and stay that way permanently. You can’t fix them after taking control of Covenant. You also can’t place your own turrets on top of them. So yeah, if you side with the Compound, Covenant as a settlement kind of sucks.

Goad the other residents into coming outside as well. Aesthetically speaking, Covenant is easily the best-looking settlement in Fallout 4. But from a gameplay perspective, it’s one of the worst. Old Man Stockton regularly gets killed during the Railroad mission Boston After Dark.

If you just destroy the old turrets then their remains stay keeping you from building over them, and you do have to get rid of the old turrets since they’ll fire on the new ones you build. Are there any repercussions for stealing items in Covenant after killing everyone mest up shoes but before setting up the Radio Beacon to invite new settlers in? According to the wiki, you can go into workshop mode, store the items, and then take them out of the workshop without problems though. There are a number of detective-style quests in Fallout 4.

After killing him, Doctor Chambers will arm a Tesla arc and kill Amelia Stockton. If you investigate Amelia’s corpse, you will find a synth component, confirming that she was a synth. A visitor by the name of Mr. Carter came into town. But suddenly, Mr. Carter whipped out a revolver, shot the bartender in the head, and went on an emotionless killing spree that cost ten people their lives. Once you pass the speech check, Manny will agree to take you to Doctor Chambers.