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Fallout 4 Human Error Human Error Covenant Fallout 4 Best Guide

If not, the way there is a bit more perilous due to the Compound Guards and odd Machinegun Turret you’ll encounter along the way. As a rule the Compound Guards you’ll have to fight aren’t very dangerous, mostly being armed with pipe weapons and the odd shotgun and wearing Security Armor of dubious value. Their levels do vary significantly, and while most are Level 1 – 9, there is the odd Level 14 and 21 specimen. If you learn about this “Compound” by one of the ways mentioned above, you can talk to Honest Dan and he’ll suggest getting more information from Jacob Orden. Unfortunately he’s smarter than a goldfish and doesn’t just blurt out information, but Honest Dan’s suggestion contained a bit of a hint – Jacob “forgets his password”.

If you pass a minor speech check, you can lie to Talia and tell her that you think Dan is a synth. Talia will panic and say he can’t find out about the caravan survivors or something called the Compound. She’ll run away, and you won’t be able to speak to her anymore, but you got what you needed. Defeat any enemies threatening you, then head upstairs to the southeast to find Amelia Stockton in a cell.

Players can inspect the radio with nine Luck to get it working temporarily, although this gives little useful information. Crouch to prevent angering the locals, then hack the terminal in the building. For those that can’t hack the lock, they can find the password in the first house to the left of the gate on a table.

Whatever your opinion of Covenant, the lemonade is legit, restoring 50 HP with no negative side effects. You can only collect one bottle of lemonade a day from Deezer. More importantly, as innocuous as this beverage is, it’s a clue that’ll help you out shortly. There are a lot of clues you can find, but you might as well deal with this caravan before doing anything else, that way you can limit the rest of your investigation to the confines of .

Successfully compromising with Jacob at Covenant makes this a lot easier. Before you set off for Mystic Pines’ Pond, you can decide whether to tell Dan about your findings or not. Leaving Dan in the dark opens up different resolutions for this quest, but I’ll start with the one where Dan tags along with you. There are two ways of learning the location of the Compound.

I leaned into the wind, and started walking toward the flickering light, but my muscles had pretty much stopped responding. The light was getting closer, but I was also slowing down, almost to a standstill. With all the willpower I could generate, I struggled to get my right foot to lift off the ground. As I slowly lifted it out of shsu orglink the building blanket of wet snow that had fallen in the last couple minutes, I was startled to hear a creeeak in my knee, and in my ankle. As I moved the foot forward to put it down again, my arms were up at my sides as I tried to also use my body weight to keep moving. Suddenly, my arms, and my shoulders also started to creak.

It is one of the few quests that have skill checks and moral decisions to make. Here is a complete guide for completing the “Human Error” quest inFallout 4. I told him I had found out about a compound, and that it was possible the caravan survivors were being held there. Dan said if anyone here knew its whereabouts, Jacob would.