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Finding The Best Gelato in Naples

The customer service was lacking, however the ice cream itself was amazing. Gelatosità is a popular ice cream restaurant in Naples with a focus on authentic Italian flavors. You can choose from different flavors of ice cream and then have it mixed with various types of snacks and granules before being served in a cone or bowl.

Overwhelmed by an array of gelato flavors during our autumnal gelato crawl, we ultimately ordered a cone topped with Crema di Pistacchio and Zuppa Inglese. Thanks to ingredients like Sicilian pistachios, Alchermes liqueur, shredded dark chocolate and amareno cherries, we weren’t disappointed with our decision. Just because you’re eating gelato in Italy doesn’t automatically mean it’s authentic—or even any good. Unfortunately, many gelato shops continue to pass off subpar, factory-made junk as the real deal. That said, Italy still abounds with artisans who serve up fresh, handmade, all-natural gelato daily. Here, we’ve picked the places where you’ll find the best gelato in Italy, from Rome to Milan to Florence .This gallery was originally published in 2014.

The married Food and Travel content creators live in Lisbon, Portugal. While Gelateria Valenti is our favorite Naples gelato shop, the best way to answer this question is to taste them all yourself. If you’re craving tasty gelato, search your map. There’s probably a Mennella il Gelato just steps away from your current location. Very nice fashionable cafe, no self service, try the baba and gelato. Recommend interesting special coffee with cold foam.

Two friends, Olga Nigro and Roberta Rubino, are behind Rol Gelateria. This is a top notch ice-creamery which has recently been noted by Dora Sorrentino as one of the best ice cream shops in Naples. They insist on only serving ice cream that has been made with local ingredients, such as lemons from Sorrento. For a choco-hit like no other, Gay-Odin is unrivalled.

We topped this candy-coated cone with three scoops of gelato – hazelnut, chocolate fondant and zabaione. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can pair your gelato with a brioche or crepe. As for us, we ordered a triple decker cone and agreed that it was some of the best gelato in Naples. Though it feels like it’s been operating on Via dei Tribunali for decades, Gelateria Valenti is a relatively new player in the Naples gelato scene. Open since 2018, this gelateria is a shining light with a central location, creative flavors like Kinder Cards made with Kinder bars and, of course, wonderful creamy gelato.

My wife has enjoyed gelato throughout Italy, and this is her favourite place. There is always a crowd in front of these shops for good reason.highly recommend getting the medium sized serving with three flavours. Can also ask for whipped cream on top if you wish. Many of us are foodies on the Wanderlog team, so naturally we’re always black truck names on the hunt to eat at the most popular spots anytime we travel somewhere new. With favorites like Mennella Il Gelato, Casa Infante, and ROL Gelateria and more, get ready to experience the best flavors around Naples. Rol does have seating, but like many coffee bars and pastry shops, the prices are higher if you get table service.

A visitor of Naples will soon realise that the love of Neapolitans for desserts is such, that the city is full of pasticcerie and gelaterie, that is pastry and ice cream shops. Pasticcerie that also offer gelati and gelaterie that also offer a variety of traditional sweets. But Mennella is a focused gelato selling place, and in my opinion is one of the best gelaterie in whole Italy! Even for a person like myself, who adores ice cream and has tried tones of it, in an endless array of flavours, it was an unexpected but wonderful surprise to taste Mennella’s gelato.