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“funny” American Sign Language ASL

Conversely, ASL and BSL both originated in English-speaking countries but are not related to each other; ASL however is related to French Sign Language. “Whore,” “slut,” or “prostitute” is signed by waving an open hand on the side of the chin front to back . The hand passes below and to the side of the chin twice.

Work is holding one fist above the other and tapping down, wrist-to-wrist. Doggy style is the same but twisted 15 degrees with a little oomph. 35.Coke is made by making an x-shape on your upper arm, as if you’re shooting up.

A common misconception is the sign for “bullshit”. Signed with both arms held out, elbows bent, and folded in front of the signer with the dominant forearm on top, the dominant hand mimics a pair of horns with the index and pinkie finger. The non-dominant hand mimics the “business end” with flapping fingers. It is, however, part of New Zealand Sign Language. The correct sign in ASL is performed with both the pointer and pinkie finger being extended and thrusting the hand forward to signify “bullshit”.

48.My hard of hearing partner informed me that stroking your neck to chest means you’re hungry. However, doing it more than once means you’re horny. So when I do it, she asks if I meant I’m really hungry or if I’m horny. 26.To sign “IHOP” , you make an “I” with your dominant hand , turn it upside down, then bounce it onto your dominant hand. 20.‘Dog’ is snapping your fingers because the letters ‘d’, ‘o’ and ‘g’ make that motion if you were to slow it down. 17.Maybe this doesn’t count, but the sign for lame (as in, can’t walk) is taking two fingers and stand them up on your other hand.

Note There is a difference betweenfun and funny. Fun uses a quick single motion and two hands. “I am not very proficient in ASL but I got my instructor to crack up pretty hard when I signed “brown turtle” to indicate my need to have a bathroom break.” “In New Zealand Sign Language, the sign for ‘stalker’ literally looks like one finger is stalking another. Hold up both index fingers and creep one towards the other.”

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Another common sign for “fuck” uses an “FK” abbreviation, signed with an f-handshape changing to a k-handshape, which is referred to as a “loan sign”. A “loan sign” is when a fingerspelled word is modified to leave out letters, form a specific shape, or move in a specific direction to become an actual sign. Touching the p-handshape middle finger to the nose tip then bringing it out to “F” means “piss off”. This sign creates the meaning of “piss off” by combining the sign for “penis/piss” and abbreviating “O-F-F” by using simply one “F”.